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Jun 24, 2003
I found this video on the net and I decided to post it here, because it is a way to see the players outside the pitch :)
This video is taken from an Italian Tv show, Striscia la Notizia. “Striscia” is a satirical news show, so don’t take too seriously what it is said ;)
They are used to give “Gongolos” (“gongolare” means to be very happy about something, often about something bad happened to other persons. Gongolo is also one of the 7 http://www.pianetahobby.it/ImagesDb/V15Z10.gif ) or Tapiri (to the persons to who something has gone not well -they gave one to Mancini, for example :D)

Ezio and Michelle are the 2 that “present/conduct” (is it right?) the show. He always has been a great Juventino and she has become one, because she’s the ex-wife of Eros Ramazzotti.
They guy that you’ll see doing the interviews is Patrick, a guy of the Italian Big Brother.

Anyway, here’s the video and the translation of what it is said. Enjoy :)


Patrick: Have you seen Capello? Was it you that brought him here?
Taxi driver: No.
Patrick: Because they told me he was in a white taxi and so I thought it was yours. Are there other white taxis in Turin?
Taxi driver: Every taxi is white.
P: That’s a problem, I’m confused

Patrick: Hi! How are you? Everything ok?
Pessotto: Hi, everything ok, thanks.
Patrick: Listen, I’m trying to reach Capello, have you seen him?
Pessotto: No, I didn’t, I still have—
Patrick: You’re hiding him in the trunk, admit it! ;)
Pessotto: He wouldn’t fit.
Patrick: Ah, he wouldn’t fit

Patrick: We’ve did it! We have found Capello. Ezio, I’m getting ready the video. (To Capello) Hi, good morning!
Capello: Good morning yourself!
Patrick: How are you? Everything ok?
Capello: Very well, thank you.
Patrick: So, how is it going. I heard--
Capello: I’m very happy with the way things are going
Patrick: It’s that. The “fact” is this. In fact we have to give you this Gongolo, that is this wonderful Striscia prize, that surely will be improved in the future, do you like it? Because it “gongola” a lot.
Capello: I see, I see.
Patrick: This is a particular present that I give you, because for us you have a reason to gongolare. In fact rumors say that you are happy because Rome couldn’t go worse at the moment.
Capello: This is evil (what Patrick said), because my heart is still in Rome and I wish them things going better and to have more successes and I’m sorry for their last match of CL.
Patrick: You know, I’ve talked with Buffon a couple of days ago and he told me that you “gongoli” a lot because they are going bad..
Capello: I’m sorry, you got it wrong
Patrick: Del Piero, too (told me that)
Capello I’m sorry, I accept this one but--
Patrick: But, do you like it? What do you think of it? See how ugly it is, see how it shakes its head!!!
Capello: It is really hideous!
Patrick: It “gongola” a lot, like you, tell the truth.
Capello: No, I’m not one that is happy for others’ unluck, the opposite. Where I’ve been I always tried to leave a good memory of myself and I hope that---
Patrick: Well, you surely leave good memories, in fact I think that they regret letting you go and they don’t “gongolano” at all, but you “gongoli”, so..

Patrick: You think I’m fatter than how you see me on tv?
Capello: Well, you should high up your shirt…
Patrick: Well, no no, it would be ugly/obscene..

Patrick: You think that he (Capello) “gongola” or not?
Blasi: He does, he does.
Patrick: Gongola? He said it, he said it!!!

Patrick: Listen… but… the…
Ciro: You can’t even ask a question, do you want me to do it for you? :LOL:
Patrick: Yeah, so ask me a question
Ciro: So, what are you doing here?
Patrick: Well, let’s say that I’m waiting for you all to get out, so I can go eat a pizza.

Ciro: I think he’s “gongoling” :)D) because Juve is doing good at the moment, that’s his concern and ours, it’s not like we can--
Patrick: But, at the end, here (people) “gongola”?
Ciro: Yeah, here at Juve, I’d say we do!
Patrick: Yeah!!! You do!!!!!!! How beautiful!!! Yes!!

Patrick: Alex, so what does Capello say about the “gongolo” he received?
Alex: Well, he hasn’t said anything yet
Patrick: But was he happy?
Alex: I think he was happy
Patrick: Was he “gongoling”?
Alex: Yeah, on the bench I saw him “gongoling” a bit
Patrick: For this Roma that is doing quite bad…. He was laughing a lot..
Alex: No, no. He “gongola” for us that are doing well, not for the others!
Patrick: Yeah, you’re doing well, but Roma is doing bad, very bad, it is going too bad!
Alex: It’s a pity! :rolleyes:
Patrick: It is, isn’t it?
Alex: Yeah..
Patrick: ("crying") It's terrible!

Patrick: Sorry, Alex, but you think I’ve gotten fatter than how I was in the Big Brother house?
Alex: A bit, yeah
Patrick: I should train with Capello, but he “gongola”, so….
Alex: Ok, bye
Patrick: Bye, Alex, thank you
Alex: Ah, say hi to Ezio for me!
Patrick: And Michelle?
Alex: Yeah, to her too!
Patrick: Send a kiss through the camera! Kiss, kiss, kiss!
Alex: Well, let’s not exaggerate, now! Bye!
Patrick: Bye! (To the camera) Hi Michelle, how comes that every time a find you a different man?

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Jun 24, 2003
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    ++ [ originally posted by Don Bes ] ++
    i havent seen Stricia La Notizia in years. its funny. they still give away the "tapiro d'oro" ?
    Yeah, that's what they gave to mancini :rofl:

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