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Sep 21, 2010

Florian Thauvin (born 26 January 1993) is a French professional footballer who plays for Marseille in Ligue 1. He plays as an attacking midfielder and is a France youth international having earned caps at under-18 level. Noted columnist Andy Brassell describes him as a wide player who is a "left-footer with fine acceleration and jaw-dropping close control. - Wiki

I havent seen this kid play, but I saw he made the team of the week in some French paper that I follow on Facebook. Figured I'd throw his name out there and see what any of you Ligue 1 followers think of him. I always find the prospect of adding young french players to the squad interesting...seems we have had good luck in the past with Frenchies. I dont have the slightest clue how he would fit into our current squad considering he plays wide (I think hes a winger).
May 22, 2007
Fred provided the below after I saw him in the Champions League. He was good, I wasn't blown away but he took control of his side and Napoli had to work hard against him.


He was by far the best young player in the Ligue last season. Quite a talented kid, not only does he have good close ball control, blistering pace and is an extremely tricky player, he can also score goals. This is only his second season in the Ligue 1, and there have been several talented French players that have faded away with time, after initially being very promising. The French spoil skillfull players a little too much, and they end up becoming primadonna's like Ben Arfa and Nasri, or they just stagnate after a while like Menez. All those players were just as goood if not better than Thauvin when they started in the Ligue, so thats why I'm always cautious with French talents. However, the kid certainly has all the ingredients to become a top player.

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