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Jul 12, 2002
The bankrupt Fiorentina is auctioning off shirts, socks and even underwear once owned by their stars to pay off debts.

AC Fiorentina went bust last summer after owner Vittorio Cecchi Gori failed to stabilise the club financially.

In the following months the bankruptcy tribunal auctioned off assets to raise funds and pay creditors, which now includes what was left in the Fiorentina training ground.

You can now buy footballs, club bags, socks, shorts and even the toilet paper stored in the changing rooms.

In amongst the more bizarre items – including underpants at a cost of £2 – there are some lots that could interest the Fiorentina fan.

It's reported that a pair of football boots worn by Gabriel Batistuta can be snapped up for £15 plus VAT.

Goalkeeper Francesco Toldo's shirt is available for just £10, while shorts belonging to Nuno Gomes are on sale for just £4 plus VAT.

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Jul 12, 2002
:LOL: Toilet paper?

On a real, I think those prices are really cheap. These stuff were won by stars. They should be much higher.


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Jul 17, 2002
you would think Bati's boots would be worth a lot more!?!

i dont see how a couple hundred euros are going to help...

paying the people to set-up the aution would cost more than the amount they'd recieve from the items!!


Mar 6, 2003
its the only explanation.

I would have put the base cost of the boots in more or less 500 bugs.

hey they are the boots of batigol!.


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Jul 12, 2002
don't want to be a wet blanket,but i really think this isn't funny.

i hope juve does them a favour and buys another one of their crappier players for a decent sum of money.

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