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May 30, 2004

Camoranesi is better than sukadik fiore .. and thats just the way it goes

Another row has broken out in the Azzurri camp after Stefano Fiore criticised Mauro Camoranesi’s decision to play for Italy.

“In my opinion,” said the Lazio midfielder, “a player should think only of wearing the jersey of his own country. Italy has enough stars to cover every role and we have no need to look elsewhere.”

This is not the first time that Fiore has come out to condemn Camoranesi’s decision to play for Italy, even though he was born in Argentina.

The Juventus man qualifies for Giovanni Trapattoni’s squad due to Italian great grandparents and only made the choice after Argentina failed to call him for international duty.

Fiore has a vested interest in this situation, as he has been pushed out of the starting eleven by Camoranesi. He was also far from impressed with suggestions Trap will give everyone a chance to shine by making massive changes for the third and final qualifying game against Bulgaria.

“To play the third match when we’re already qualified,” sniped Fiore, “would be nothing short of humiliating. I am nobody’s reserve. I don’t ask for explanations, so all I can do is try to change Trapattoni’s mind.”

The 29-year-old has impressed at Lazio this season, but Trap has chosen to stick with Camoranesi for tactical reasons.

“I didn’t come to Portugal for a holiday,” he continued. “If I’m on the bench then I’ll be disappointed, as until I see the official team sheet I will maintain hope of being in there.”

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