Favourite Non-Juve Players (1 Viewer)

Jul 12, 2002
1. Edwin Van der Sar
2. Andy Van der Meyde
3. Dennis Bergkamp
4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic
5. Marc Overmars


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Jul 13, 2002
I could make a team outta my fave non-Juve players! :D

Keeper: Given [Newcastle]

Rightback: Cafu [Milan]
Leftback: ???
Centreback: Nesta [Milan]
Centreback: ???

Rightmid: ???
Leftmid: Robert [Newcastle]
Centremid: Gattuso [Milan]
Centremid: Keane [Man U]

Foward: Henry [Arsenal]
Forward: Montella [Roma]

Hmm, bulk of them come from Milan! *shocked*

BTW, Davids would also be in my team but he's still under contract to Juve ;)

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