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Oct 30, 2001
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no, none at all. does he work for ITV? that is a very unknown channel over here, most people think of SKY as the football channel in England. i know Big Ron from his managing days.
you don't get ITV? you lucky, lucky people. AAh what am I saying? without them I'd have no CL football at all! but their pundits are abut as biased as can be..

'thierry henry is without a doubt the best striker in the world'

comments like these occur regularly!!


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Dec 13, 2002
Re-Sepp-ten :thumb:
(danish NT song for WC 86')

Performed by some awful 80' band... but the NT sings along in the chorus.


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Jul 30, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Karlberg ] ++
Re-Sepp-ten :thumb:
(danish NT song for WC 86')
Yes, I heard that berfore. My Danish friend (Bebe) told me to download it few months ago, and it isn't that bad at all :D

Love United gets my vote :) And that Juventus Remix as well...

Sep 28, 2002
There was a CD released recently in lithuania dedicated to football. That is a bit strange cause football isn't very popular in here. But that CD rocks. It's a mix of punk, ska and smth like that. And all about footy. Beautiful...

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