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Sep 1, 2017
ugh, I just hate that Del Piero never won Balon d'Or. Fuckin Owen has one ffs, who does not even have the talent in DP's left foot.
His best chance was 1998 when he scored 32 goals that season, but Zizou won the World Cup by scoring twice in the final and the Ballon D'Or was sealed.


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Apr 14, 2013
10 games which prove Modric deserves balon dor, according to france football:

Levante Real 2-2.... OK

Real PSG 3-1 :cr7::marcelo:

Bayern Real 1-2 Real Bayern 2-2 Marcelo Benzema

Real Liverpool 3-1 Bale&Benzema

Argentina Croatia 0-3 he did play great

vs Russia and England, ill say it again, Mandzukic and Perisic were brilliant, the standout players here. They still won only on PKs and ET

They actually included the final lol

3-0 vs Roma this season, i actually have no idea what happened in this game

Well, there you have it. They lost the little credibility they had left with this bogus list

Edit: heres the article
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Aug 21, 2010


Jun 17, 2011
Both clubs refuse to play there. And honestly I can't blame them.

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But they both sold their allotted tickets, the irony here is the name of the cup is libertadores, liberators, and the final is held in Spain.
So they both refused...but they're both going to still go through with it?

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