[Coppa Italia] AC Milan 1-1 JUVENTUS [February 13th, 2020] (2 Viewers)


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May 1, 2019
Rest Ronaldo, Bonucci, Alex Sandro & Pjanic. We can win this tie in the second leg.

Cuads - Rugani - MDL - MDS
Rabiot - Benta - Matuidi
Higuain - Dybala​


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Aug 21, 2010
Not sure if Del Neri v2.0 is up to this... He needs to rotate, because he is shit as a coach yet he cant rotate because he lacks basic managerial skills and would hope once again his players will get the job done and save his ass, as usual...

He was outsmarted twice by a miles better coach like Inzaghi, he was outsmarted by Gattuso of all people, he was outsmarted by a random midtable coach, now he faces another insignificant nobody like himself, lets see how this tie goes, but anything less than a win is a serious and adequate cry for a termination and a sack. Simple as that, this season can still be saved, let Del Neri v2.0 stay for another month or so and it all goes to hell and zero tituli...


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May 6, 2012
Most probably we will be eliminated but Sarri will buy himself a couple of months because he will beat Inter in the league and Spal & Brescia before them and he will beat Lyon as well


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Dec 31, 2002
I wont be surprised to see us losing this. Milan are crap but seriously we are just a stronger crap..

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nah, i can see the "who cares about cup competitions" posts already
I actually dont but I still want us to win everything
I wonder who is free in the summer (not talking about players)

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