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Jan 5, 2014
Don't underestimate the heart of this team, man. Last night showed that. They were left for dead even before they stepped on the pitch, and they put in a great performance. They just ran out of gas last night. It happens
this. and I know, we shouldn't wheine about the refs, but in the two games there were six decisive mistakes. That's a few too many to take vs a strong team like Bayern. You can concede, but up to a certain point

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May 14, 2006
This should have been a Semi final. 2 wonderful games and an advertising for Italian football. German people telling me that we deserved to go trough even the Bayern fans. BTW most of them are fake anyways. People left at half time when 2:0 down lol... they only started making noise after going 3:2 up. Before it was just Juve fans singing. Shame I lost my voice though


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Feb 20, 2016
We were so close, at 0-2 I was almost tasting the qualification for fuck sake. I think this hurts more badly than th CL final or at least it's on a similar level.

Anyway, we'll get beyond this. Next year, teams in th CL will respect us even more.


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Jun 25, 2003
Oh yeah, that was such a random thing to do :lol:

Think the yellow was enough though tbh.
Why would yellow be enough? It was retaliation. It's the same as punching or kicking someone. If Zidane gets a red in the WC final, this is every bit as bad. Lewandowski was smart and made it look clumsy, but it wasn't. And what's bad is that ref even called it for what it was. But then he got too scared to send him off.

EDIT: despite the fact I thought the ref was horrendous (Scandinavian, so you know he's not going to favor an Italian team anyway), I am not blaming him at all. We could easily have won, but decided not to for some reason.

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This fucking game, man.

Still infuriated. Can't believe we threw this game. What a fucken result beating Bayern in Munich.


Sad for Buffon. Not many CL-tournaments left for him.

Lol. At least 10 imo.
Oct 23, 2011
We were so close, at 0-2 I was almost tasting the qualification for $#@! sake. I think this hurts more badly than th CL final or at least it's on a similar level.

Anyway, we'll get beyond this. Next year, teams in th CL will respect us even more.
It's about time we start respecting ourselves and never repeat that first hour in Turin and never say things like 'we are proud', as if we are inferior to the side we faced yesterday, far from it actually. We dominated Bayern for 75 minutes and barely have i seen them so vulnerable and create so little (last time perhaps was against Real Madrid when they lost at home). We varied between pressing high and sitting deep until we were drained and did not have the energy anymore to press high. They never seemed threatening even with that attacking talent, that's how much we had everything under control, until we conceded.

What i liked very much was that we demonstrated that we are capable of pressing a team. If we can do it against Bayern away from home, we can do it to anyone. I'd like to see this more often and perhaps in combination with the 433, starting next season.


Mar 29, 2006
dont want to go down the inter route (even though in a way i am) but i think weve been robbed quite a few times by the ref in europe. its time we made a list so i can curse the assholes everytime i see them.


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Apr 5, 2006
If ever there was a presumptuous piece of posting, this would be it. You're greatly undersestimating the psychological aspect of a game like the one last night. It may well be the players are filled with rage and destroy everything in their path, while on the other hand, it could easily deflate them and drain them out enough to not be able to pull off a result they would otherwise. Scudetto is far from over. We are completely mentally and physically drained and need the break to recover, which is why this result on Sunday is important and while Torino are fired up for it, we are not. This is where the individuals would perhaps need to stand up and be counted coz the team's morale is down.
Do you really think the likes of Gigi, Cheesio, Giorgio, Mandzukic etc will let that happen? Not a chance.

Our name is going on both trophies, deal with it.


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Jul 8, 2008
I thought the pain might get better today, but it didn't. I'm still proud though. It could be easier to take since it's a transitional year and all, but the thought of Gigi retiring without a CL win makes me furious. Seeing him last night killed me inside, just as it did after the final last summer.

But I guess this time we were unlucky. Remember how well we defended against Real last year though? Win some, lose some I guess. Remember we didn't have an actual defensive midfielder on the field for 120 mins plus the 2nd half in the first leg, against Bayern of all clubs (no, Khedira doesn't play as a holding mid, neither does Sturaro), as well as missing Chiellini and Dybala. Having no alternatives on the bench other than unfit Pereyra and Mandzukic didn't help either. Wish Sturaro had more of a presence, wish that maybe Max bought on Zaza and not Mandzukic and that Evra (±Licht) didn't screw up.

And I don't even want to mention the refs. Having errors this big over two consecutive games shouldn't happen in a competition that's promoting itself as the top international club tournament.

Forza Juventus! Our time will come and when it does we'll be unstoppable. It's in our blood.


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Jun 25, 2003
You really think Gigi is going to leave us before he turns 50?

All joking aside, I think he could go on for another 2 years physically (to be fair he's the best goalkeeper in the world this season). Whether he has the energy mentally I don't know.


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Dec 15, 2015
Than to sell him to you,right?
Well, if you want to give him to us for less than 60m I'd take him gladly, but the +100m type of transfers are not really our thing ;) I hope you keep him. With him, Dybala, your Italian core and Morata you've got nice base to build on.


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Mar 4, 2012
You'd rather lose 6-0?

:lol: yeah if you think the meltdown is bad now, I can assure you the forum would have to be closed if we lost that badly. Stop being ridiculous people. It's not the end of the world.
Every defeat is painful but going out like this is the worst for me. This is the kind of defeat that stays with you for a long time, being so close only to concede a goal from a stupid mistake. I could only watch the first half during lunch and went back to work. When I checked the result, thinking the game was over, I got that feeling that the world is crumbling over you. I just couldn't believe it. I still can't, it's like a nightmare.

I know it is just football but watch Juve win the CL is one of my dreams. I was too young in 96, I have flashes of the 97 final and 98 was the first CL I watched on cable. Unfortunately, Juve does not have a CL DNA and now I think we will see first a man on Mars than juve winning it. We are specialists in losing finals and pulling out crap like this. Remember 99 also throwing away a 2 goal lead against Man U?

And of course Bayern is gonna win it. Barcelona is not reaching the final.

We fucked up royally by throwing away the win. I am afraid next year is gonna be almost impossible to keep pogba and maybe dybala.
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