[Champions League] Chelsea 1-0 JUVENTUS (02/25/09) (1 Viewer)


May 27, 2007
I think and hope Amauri will get a nod before Trezeguet for this match. Otherwise the formation is solid, though I am a little bit worried Nedved and Camo won't be at their best and that means a lot for our play.
I see your point but I think Trez can give us much more in the first half.Amauri should get his chance in the second and hopefully finish them off.

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Sep 3, 2006
We need a more mobile and pacy forward alongside Ale to test their CBs...Trez is Trez, but I think Amauri will give them a harder time


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Jul 20, 2008
You mean this post, Toro_Merda?

Here i will sumarize everything said in the other thread about Ranieri-Hiddink head-to-head duels.

1992, Uefa Cup, Napoli (Ranieri)-Valencia (Hiddink) 1:0
1992, Uefa Cup Valencia (Hiddink)- Napoli (Ranieri) 1:5
1998/99, La Liga, Valencia (Ranieri)-Real Madrid (Hiddink) 3:1
1998/99, La Liga, Real Madrid (Hiddink)- Valencia (Ranieri) 3:1
1998/99, Coppa Del Rey, Valencia (Ranieri) - Real Madrid (Hiddink) 6:0
1998/99, Coppa Del Rey, Real Madrid (Hiddink)- Valencia (Ranieri) 2:1
1999/00, La Liga, Real Madrid (Hiddink) - Atletico Madrid (Ranieri) 1:3
1999/00, La Liga, Atletico Madrid (Ranieri) - Betis (Hiddink) 1:0

Ranieri wins 6
Hiddink wins 2
Draws 0

Ranieri goals 21
Hiddink goals 8


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Jul 17, 2002
Chelsea just had a bad performance under Scolari and Hiddink took over.

We had an average performance as well recently.
So, we're on the same start with Chelsea here.

What's wrong with a lil bit optimistic?

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