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Nov 2, 2003
Juve should buy Carlos Tevez,

I felt it before, and now more and more people get convinced that he is more than an outstanding talent. I think he got everything to be the best footballplayer in the world in the next few year. His got vision, fantastic touch, great passing, killing shot, superb acceleration and speed, the fighter's spirit and the leader's mentality. He cannot be compared to anyone because he's personality and his abilities makes him so special. He is the very rare type of player, who's got all what it takes to build the whole team around him. I see no young player who's prospect can compared to him, only Kaká.

We shouldn't buy him because he is so much needed now(all know Juve more need a solid cd), but because if a team got a chance to buy future's best player, than it should react.


I know some of you will say: why get Tevez, we got Miccoli?
I say: I like Fabricio, but he is not half the player Tevez will be at his age.

and some of you will say: there's no place for him right now.
I say: If we were intrested in Saviola, than there is a place for Tevez's position in our team.

and some will say, we got Alex, why need Carlitos?
I think: Tevez will be better player than Alessandro Del Pierro.

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Jul 28, 2002
ill put another reason down, he is appearing to be a natural goalscorer....micco and dp arent.

id sign him,and posibbly try him behind the front two.

But right now, there is also zlatan and gila that look like great prospects.


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Jul 6, 2004
He's WAY to ugly to play for Juventus

Just kidding,he's great but we should have bought him before the olimpics now he's to expensive for us.And he can be the next Athirson only more expensive.
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