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Sep 4, 2006
On Sarri :

He is always seeking perfection, for example 100 per cent possession in the opposition half. It’s utopia, of course, but perhaps that pursuit is what allowed him to work his way up from the bottom to where he is now.”

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Oct 31, 2012
Yea it seems that our entire BBC backline including Buffon was infected with that fake gentleman shit.

I wish they were more like Ramos and less of le classy loser
Totally agree with this. I’m not saying BBC+B are not great players, but they are not extreme top level inspiration to the team.

Their mentality of staying humble and work hard as a team is good to bring you to finals.

But you need the CR7 mentality of ‘don’t give a f I am going to prove to the world I am the best’ that is going to win you finals. Players like CR7 has witnessed miraculous moments since young through sheer determination.

At their age, BBC perhaps lacks such miraculous moments in their life and hence no longer have that much of a belief in themselves.

Honestly Chiellini talking shiet in Melo is very impressive. Shows that he is starting to ignore all these useless quality in life such as respect for losers.

Hopefully with this book, and CR7 support, this will be the year that Juve won ECL, gangbanging every club in the process, and then winning a final vs Madrid, where Ramos gets both his clavicles broken completely in the first second by a Bentancur tackle.

And with the champions money, Agnelli will invest in J Medical and find the vaccine for Covid, increasing the club’s stock price, hence allowing us to buy haaland pogba Salah deJong Ziyech and Vandijk.

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