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Dec 16, 2003
Like Red suggested, this thread is only about posting latest news concerning Calciopoli by the likes of Mark, gsol, Dusan and the likes... Only articles and news.

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Aug 30, 2002
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Nov 26, 2006
Calciopoli Watch: Court Accepts Luciano Moggi's Defence Evidence Regarding Inter's Involvement In Explosive Day Of Calciopoli Hearings

The fifth hearing of the Calciopoli trial in Naples has concluded and adjourned until Tuesday April 20, but today's court session threw up some major developments. The biggest being Judge Teresa Casoria's decision to accept the new evidence presented by Luciano Moggi's defence team.

At the start of the hearing this morning, the court was presented with the transription of 75 phone calls. The calls were about conversations involving former designators Paolo Bergamo, Pierluigi Pairetto and a number of different club directors. Moggi's defence also asked the court to present a further 3,000 telephone contacts (statements showing phone calls between a number of directors and the designators).

Judge Casoria allowed the court to listen to a number of phone calls in which the then Inter president Giacinto Facchetti spoke to referee designators.

Moggi's defence team reminded the court that he was ousted from football by the 2006 trial for doing what Facchetti did: i.e speak to designators.

Shortly after, Colonello Attilio Auricchio was cross-examined by Moggi's legal team and questioned as to why the Inter evidence was not part of the original trial in 2006.

Auricchio could not find an answer.

Asked by Moggi's Lawyer Trofino, Colonello Auricchio said he knew the then president of Inter Giacinto Facchetti had gone to referee designator Bergamo's house on a number of occasions.

"If you ask me about Facchetti then I am aware of this, but I am not aware of [Massimo] Moratti [going to Bergamo's House]," Auricchio said.

"The phone call where Facchetti asks Collina about the referee grid with Bergamo was transcripted, but we thought it was not important."

Trofino (Moggi's lawyer) responded: "Ahh, but instead you thought the phone calls to Bergamo's house in which the wives speak about the dinner menu were important." Some inside the court laughed and chuckled.

As the trial took place, Massimo Moratti the Inter president, who was not present, told reporters he had not been following developments.

"I have not had the time to follow it." he said with a solemn look on his face.

Auricchio's cross-examination continued. And, Moggi's lawyer Trofino described the accusation on his client of association to defraud as "Ramshackle."

"For Milan and Juventus the association to defraud was a ramshackle."

During the interrogation, Auricchio confirmed that ex-referees Collina, Paparesta and De Santis were not friends of Moggi's and had no exclusive relationship with Juventus.

Trofino: "Can you confirm that these referees were not friends of Moggi?"

Auricchio: "Of course Collina, but also Trefoloni and Paparesta... Even though Paparesta had called and went to Canossa to Moffi after the game in Reggio. But I cannot say he was a friend of Juve's. Trefoloni was like Bergamo's son, even though nothing came out on Juventus."

Trofino then hit out at the accusation of association to defraud.

"I think it's a ramshackle accusation because in the draw for referees, not one ref was a friend of Juventus."

Trofino then asked about the referee De Santis who was also considered part of an alleged plot.

Trofino: "That year De Santis buried Juventus in at least three games and you know this. How can you consider him an associate? Can you tell me which phone calls shows you that he was part of Moggi's system?"

Auricchio: "The games are two not three. As for the calls to De Santis...ehm..."

Trofino: "My cross examination can end here."

Shortly after, defence counsellor Nicola Penta confirmed Moggi was never the first to know which referees had been assigned. In fact, the court heard that Inter knew the referees for matches before anyone else on one occasion, up to two and three days before games.

Penta told the court: "Moggi was not the first to know the name of the assistant referees."

"In reality, we have documents and recordings which show that Moggi was third to know. There was once a time when the then Inter president (un-named) called the vice designator Mazzei on the Thursday at 17:50 and he obtained names that were only made public the next day. Then Meani was next to know after receiving two text messages on the Friday morning at 11:15. Moggi then received a penal charge because he received the names on the same Friday at 11:53."

Judge Casoria then closed the hearing and confirmed the evidence presented by Moggi's defence was admissible and key to the case. She adjourned the trial until April 20, the day Inter play Barcelona in the first-leg Champions League semi-final.

The court confirmed former Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti will be summoned to the next hearing to give evidence in relation to the new findings that were uncovered today.

As Moggi left the court he was treated to a round of applause by Juventus fans outside.

Moggi told Radio Radio after today's hearing: "I'm happy that there are people who still support me", in reference to the unwavering support of Juventus fans through the ups and downs.
Apr 12, 2004
Roma and Palermo among others are the latest clubs to have been involved in calling referee designators after more evidence from Tuesday's Calciopoli trial in Naples was published by the Italian media.

Of the 75 calls that Luciano Moggi's defence team presented to the court, a number included the newcomers, meaning that 11 of the 20 clubs who participated in the Serie A championship at the time were involved to some extent in calling the ex-designators Paolo Bergamo and Pierluigi Pairetto. Those 11 teams are Bologna, Cagliari, Fiorentina, Inter, Juventus, Lazio, Milan, Palermo, Reggina, Roma and Udinese.

Juve, Lazio, Milan, Fiorentina and Reggina were already punished during the 2006 sporting trial.

Tuttosport claims 43 phone calls of the 75 presented involved Inter, and some of those were played out at the hearing yesterday. Nine calls involved Milan, but the latest evidence involves Roma and Palermo to as well as Udinese, Cagliari and Bologna.

In one call dated April 14 2005, the then Rosanero director Rino Foschi speaks with former referee Massimo De Santis, one of the alleged plotters.

Foschi: Am I disturbing you?

De Santis: No, no, I have just finished training.

Foschi: The other day I spoke with V... It was a personal thing, but not one that I want alone, do you understand? When are we going to see each other?

De Santis: What, and you tell me now... you think.

Foschi: It's all easy for me... for me it's difficult, difficult.

De Santis: Look, we will organise something.

The other calls involve Cagliari, Bologna, Reggina and Roma. Reggina were already penalised by the 2006 sporting trial.

Roma's call involved Daniele Prade and Innocenzo Mazzini, the former FIGC vice president. Both Tuttosport and La Gazzetta dello Sport claim the call was before the Lupi's trip to Atalanta in which Antonio Cassano scored the winner.

Prade tells Mazzini: "We are counting on you." a day before the game.

In relation to the phone calls involving Palermo, Maurizio Zamparini insists his club did nothing wrong in calling the ref chiefs and he was quick to defend his position.

"I don't have to calm anyone because I am not worried at all. I called three times to complain about referees, but it's one thing complaining, and another trying to gang up on others. The fans shouldn't worry," Zamparini is quoted as saying on Italia.

Earlier, Moggi's legal team were accused of falsifying evidence in court by Gianfelice Facchetti, the late Giacinto Facchetti's son. He argued his father, who at the time was presdient of Inter did not ask for specific referees.

But, Bergamo who spoke to Facchetti at the time, offered a contrasting view. He maintains that Facchetti did in fact ask for Collina in one of the calls.

"It was Facchetti who nominated Collina, not me," Bergamo told Rai.

Tuesday's court session revealed a call in which Facchetti had invited Bergamo to go to Moratti's offices because there was a gift waiting for him.

"I cannot remember going to Inter's offices to pick up a present. But, at the time it was Christmas and we received presents from everyone. In looking at this there needs to be some good sense," he added.

"It was my last year as a designator and so I had dinner with old friends including Moggi and [Antonio] Giraudo.

"Moratti never came, but he did invite me to go to Forte dei Marmi."

The trial in Naples resumes next Tuesday.
Former Juventus director Luciano Moggi has sensationally claimed he supported Inter, but had a change of heart when Massimo Moratti came to power in 1995.

"As a child I used to support Inter, but since Moratti came in I support every team apart from Inter," he told TG2, as reported by ANSA press agency.

Moggi then spoke in relation to Tuesday's highly charged hearing at the Calcipoli trial in Naples, and insists his innocence.

"This is a process based on chit-chat and they obscured what they needed to. But, there was no system, it was merely a way to behave. The first to behave like this was the federation and lega. No-one was meant to call designators, but everyone did," he added.

"With Fachetti it was different. Not only did he speak with [Paolo] Bergamo (the former designator), but he asked him about the referee grid, and wanted Collina."

Moggi's claim has been vehemently denied by Gianfelice Facchetti, son of Giacinto, who was the then Inter president accused of asking for certain referees for a number of matches.

Here is an extract of another call published by Il Corriere dello Sport which sees Facchetti telling Bergamo that Moratti has a gift for him. Bergamo also suggests a way of improving their league position following a poor run.

Facchetti: If you call Moratti... I was there yesterday with him... we spoke.

Bergamo: I no longer have his number, if you give it to me... infact remember, we spoke about this.

Facchetti: Yes, because he wanted to, if you come down someday.

Bergamo: Where to? Forte? (a resort where Moratti is known to visit)

Facchetti: In the office, no no in Milan. If you come down he has a gift to give you.

Bergamo: I just wanted to meet you guys so we could reflect on certain things.

Facchetti: Yes, Ok.

Bergamo: It's a situation that I would like to help you with because the team doesn't deserve its position.

Facchetti: They have been 12 incredible draws.

However, Facchetti's family have been quick to issue a statement denying that certain calls involved the late former president. Their denial is in relation to a call in which Facchetti is alledged to have named a referee.

During Tuesday's trial the court heard an extract of this call which was presented by Moggi's defence team.

Facchetti: Send us Collina, send us Collina.

However, on a version published by Sky Sport Italia, Facchetti doesn't mention Collina's name.

Facchetti: Send us a some...

Bergamo: We'll send Collina.

It's this difference that has led to the Facchetti family to defend their father's position at the time, and they have accused Moggi's defence of falsifying evidence.

The Facchetti statement, published in La Gazzetta dello Sport reads:

"A phone call between my father Giancinto and Bergamo was used and published in a subversive way.

"In one call my father is made out to be speaking about Collina, but in fact it was Bergamo who mentioned him.

"Thus a totally different interpretation of the original call has come out, used by Moggi in court with the compliance of certain organs of information.

"This falsification of facts is shameful and unacceptable."

But, the biggest bombshell was dropped by one of Moggi's lawyers Paco D'Onofrio who said Inter's Scudetto could be revoked in light of all the new evidence which has been thrown up in the court room.

"Within a month we will make a request to the FIGC to have Inter's Scudetto, the one handed to them by Guido Rossi [in 2006], revoked,"

"The evidence over the last few days will, in effect, become proof should the court grant authorisation.

"Those calls which involve Inter and Milan and the referee system show that the previous beliefs that came out during the sporting trial of 2006 were destitute and without foundation."

Teresa Casoria, the judge presiding over the Naples trial has accepted Moggi's evidence following Tuesday's hearing. The court will regather for the next session on April 20.

The case continues.

Zé Tahir

Dec 10, 2004
Calciopoli Watch: FIGC Ordered Refs Not To Help Juventus, Milan Spoke To Collina, Fiorentina Consider Legal Action rounds up all the biggest Calciopoli stories of the day...

By Salvatore Landolina
Apr 15, 2010 5:00:00 PM

The latest shocking revelation in relation to the on-going Calciopoli trial in Naples has revealed that the chief of Italian football at the time, Franco Carraro, issued orders that referees must not help Juventus. And, Milan have been accused of speaking with referees, not just designators.

The latest call to be transcribed from the evidence obtained by Luciano Moggi's legal team at the trial shows how the Italian FA (FIGC) ensured Juventus were not helped during Calciopoli.

In fact, it was the then FIGC president Franco Carraro who called referee designator Paolo Bergamo telling him that Juventus were to be sent a referee who would not help them during a game in the build up to a Lega Calcio election.

It's a sensational revelation which suggests the then chief of Italian football used his power to manipulate games for his and the authorities own agenda.

And it has led to some claiming the whole Calciopoli process in 2006 should have been thrown out.

Here is a transcript from one of the calls shown live on the Diretta Stadio programme on television channel 7Gold.

The call involves Bergamo and Carrarro. The head of the FA (Carraro) asks for Rodomonti to be sent for the Juventus game, but warns Bergamo of the consequences of any mistakes that could favour the Old Lady.

Carraro: Please I recommend you ensure he [Rodomonti] doesn't help Juventus because it's a very delicate time for us at the Lega. Please, ensure it's an honest affair, but make sure there are no mistakes that could favour Juventus. Don't help Juventus.

Bergamo: Don't worry I will speak to him about it. I will call him after he finishes training tomorrow.

Carraro: Just make sure he doesn't make any mistakes because if he does and it favours Juventus then it would be a disaster.

One of the guests on the show who was sitting next to Luciano Moggi as the transcript was played believes the whole Calcipoli process at the time should have been thrown out based on that call.

"It's a scandal. We are talking about the head of Italian football here. Based on just this call, the whole Calciopoli process should have been scrapped," said the guest.

Since then, Moggi has spoken further on the subject, and he has blamed the current Juventus management for not doing enough to protect the club from the sharp edges of Calciopoli.

He says the Old Lady would never have gone down to Serie B if the Elkann ownership fought for the cause with greater effort back in 2006.

"Inter's 2006 Scudetto? They should have given it to my porter, it would have been safe there," Moggi told Mattino Cinque.

"The problem is another though. Juventus did not defend anyone. If they had defended themselves like other clubs, there would never have gone down to Serie B."

Mario Sconcerti, a columnist for the Corriere della Sera newspaper and football pundit for Sky Sport Italia has defended Juventus in light of all the latest developments that have been churned up by the trial in Naples.

"It wasn't about the decision to give a Scudetto, but to take two away from Juventus was grave and serious. You cannot take away a club's history because of the behaviour of certain directors," he told Il

But, that's not all, Milan have now been accused of having direct communication with referees at the time.

In another call, published by L'Espresso, the then Milan consultant Leonardo Meani spoke with referee Pierluigi Collina after he took a game between Siena and Milan. Meani says Milan vice president Adriano Galliani is keen to speak with the bald-headed whistle blower.

Meani: He [Adriano Galliani] asked about you. He wanted to have a chat, but couldn't because the location was not ideal.

Meani then invites Collina to a meeting at Galliani's house, but the referee refuses, fearing he will be recognised.

Collina: Both myself and Galliani can easily be recognised, I wouldn't want someone to see us.

Collina and Galliani are then alleged to have met at Meani's own restaurant for a meeting and again on other occasions.

Some time after the original Calcipoli scandal, Collina was promoted, and is currently the Serie A and B referee designator.

Meanwhile, Fiorentina, who missed out on two Champions League seasons because of their points penalty in 2006 have hinted they could take legal action based on further developments in the Naples trial.

Viola deputy chairman Mario Cognini told La Nazione newspaper, "We had made a complaint stratight away that we were victims of a profound injustice.

"What will we do now? We will wait for the outcomes, then we can take initiative so that our rights are respected."


Nov 26, 2006
FIGC officially re-opens Calciopoli

Wednesday 21 April, 2010


The Italian Football Federation has officially re-opened the Calciopoli inquest after new evidence emerged during Luciano Moggi’s trial.

“With regards to the trial in Naples, the FIGC’s disciplinary body will ask from now to view all the evidence provided by both parties,” read a statement on the Federation website.

“Over the next few days the prosecutor Stefano Palazzi will formally send a request to the President of the Naples tribunal, Teresa Casoria, beginning the inquest regarding the new series of wiretapped phone calls.”

The matter was dealt with in 2006 through the sporting justice system, resulting in Juventus losing two titles and earning a demotion to Serie B, while other clubs were docked points.

Former Juve director general Moggi is now at the centre of a civil trial in Naples and has introduced wiretaps featuring other club representatives, above all Inter, as evidence.

Effectively this begins a new sporting justice system inquest into Calciopoli that includes the phone calls not originally submitted as evidence – or even transcribed by police – in 2006.

Juventus could now officially call for Inter to be stripped of the contentious 2005-06 Scudetto, which was taken from the Bianconeri and handed to the third-placed team. It would instead not be assigned at all, like the 2004-05 title.

Moggi’s defence lawyers hope to suggest that he was not at the centre of a 'mafia’ style organisation putting pressure on referees.

Instead, they maintain he was only one of many club officials who contacted the refereeing designators in this way.

“Either everyone here is guilty or everyone is innocent. I think everyone is innocent,” said Moggi.


Nov 26, 2006
I read on the day’s calciopoli updates and there isn’t really anything substantial. All parties asked that further calls be transcribed but we don’t know what is said.

Ancelotti’s statement was useless. He expressed an opinion and said that Gattuso saw Moggi leave the referee’s locker room. He didn’t say when. They were allowed to go into the change rooms before and after so it might be nothing. Odds are Gattuso will have to come in and explain now. Last time this happened it was Figo who had to admit that he didn’t see anything and was forced to pay a 3000 Euro fine to Moggi. When Facchetti got suspended for a few months it was because he went in at halftime so you can see how either way, it matters little.

Finally Juve’s lawyer Michele Briamonte formally requested the revocation of the 2006 title but the 10 page document went a touch further than most reports initially stated. They are asking that all newly implicated parties be treated with the same severity that Juventus were subjected to. Their lawyer is a Grande Stevens product so you can see why they are leaning more towards the “All Guilty” approach than the “let’s liberate Moggi” approach.


Nov 26, 2006

Roberto Mancini Gives Evidence In Court, Luciano Moggi Challenges 'Defrauded' Claims & Another Inter Call Emerges

The Calciopoli trial at the Tribunal of Naples resumed on Tuesday and the prosecution attorneys Stefano Capuano and Giuseppe Narducci were keen to question former Inter coach Roberto Mancini.

The hearing started with Judge Teresa Casoria calling Mancini to the witness dock and Capuano started his examination. He was keen to hear Mancini's evidence in relation to whether Moggi had a system which he used to influenced referee designators and referees.

The court heard how four years ago Mancini alleged Moggi had some sort of influence, but he appeared to give a different version when asked by Capuano to explain what he told investigators in 2006 during the original trial.

Mancini told the court:

"At the end of a Roma-Inter game, which ended 3-3, I told the referee [Roberto] Rosetti that him and his friends in Turin would have paid everything? I referred to Moggi, the referee is from Turin and therefore the link was easy."

"But I didn't really want to say anything in particular. When you feel like you have been wronged after the game you say certain things in the heat of the moment.

"I remember the game, but not any moments that were contested. Neither do I remember shouting 'disgrace' to the referee during an Inter-Lazio clash, but I did have regular problems with referees.

"I saw Moggi near the benches only during extra-time in a Italian Super Cup match in Turin."

Moggi was not present in court as Mancini continued to be questioned. His session was brief though, speaking to the prosecution team for just 20 minutes.

Once Mancini left room 216 of the Tribunal of Naples, Moggi turned up. And he was keen to respond to Carlo Ancelotti's statements from a fortnight ago when the current Chelsea and former Milan boss claimed he and the Rossoneri felt 'defrauded' during the 2004-05 campaign.

That season Ancelotti's men lost to Juventus on the final day - a result which handed the Old Lady the title, only for it to be revoked following the 2006 Calciopoli trial.

Moggi attacked Ancelotti's words, claiming that referees who were allegedly involved with him made errors in favour of Milan. He argued that he and Juventus felt defrauded.

"The man responsible for referees at Milan, Leonardo Meani, is part of the club's structure. In the games against Parma, Reggina and Atalanta, refereed by Pieri, Racalbuto and Bertini, replays show they had made errors which had favoured Milan," Moggi told the court.

"If, like alleged, these referees were part of the so-called dome, then their decisions would have been different. Listening to these things, those who were defrauded were us."

The trial was adjourned and will resume on June 1. The case continues.

Meanwhile, another phone call regarding Inter has emerged and it was published in Tuttosport.

In it, former referee Paolo Bertini speaks with former referee designator Paolo Bergamo in which he alleges former Inter president Giacinto Facchetti put pressure on him before a game inside the referee's dressing room.

The game was a Coppa Italia semi-final first leg between Inter and Cagliari on May 12, 2005. It ended 1-1.

Here is an extract from the call:

BERGAMO: Those from Inter protested a little... when?

BERTINI: Eh, I didn't notice. But at the beginning of the game Facchetti came into the dressing room to say hello like always. He said: 'This is game 13 you know. For now we have won four, drawn four and lost four. This is not good for Inter.' Therefore we prepared the game in a certain way.

BERGAMO: Mm, mm.

BERTINI: It was not nice, he was not nice.

BERGAMO: You have to speak to him... be more tranquil on the pitch. I had already spoken to him about this before. He [Facchetti] doesn't understand anything.


Nov 26, 2006

Calciopoli Watch: Juventus Will Have Scudetti Restored; Inter Will Have Title Stripped Based On Naples Trial Evidence - Luciano Moggi's Legal Advisor Nicola Penta

Juventus have a good chance of having their Calciopoli-revoked Scudetti restored, and Inter have every chance of losing the one that was handed to them based on the 2006 sports trial, claims Luciano Moggi's legal counsel.

Nicola Penta, a lawyer and Calciopoli expert who has been advising Moggi in the criminal process in Naples, strongly believes the evidence that has emerged at the trial gives Moggi a strong case of walking free and being aquitted from Calciopoli, and Juventus an opportunity to have their revoked titles restored.

Those who have been following the trial in Naples will have seen Moggi and his legal team provide crucial evidence, which was not available in 2006, showing clubs including Inter had contact with referees and designators - thus throwing out the allegations that Moggi had exclusive dealings with key figures.

Based on that mountain of evidence, which includes over 171,000 wiretaps, a fundamental reassesment of the whole Calciopoli process is unfolding, Juventus have launched their own appeal to have the titles restored, and the FIGC are launching an investigation into their requests.

Penta was asked by Radio Power Station what could be expected from the trial when it reaches its conclusion in the spring based on how the process has developed thus far in Naples.

"If there is a total acquittal of Moggi then there will be the possibility for the defendants to ask for the revocation of the 2006 sports trial and this is very important because article 39 states that in the presence of new facts and the acquittal of referees and directors, then the 2006 sports trial could be re-opened. In that case Juventus can ask for the restoration of titles because it is no longer an automatic fact," said Penta.

"We have to be optimistic for the restoration of the Scudetti. The parameters with which Juventus had their titles stripped are the same with which Inter were handed theirs, therefore I hope justice takes its course.

"Will Inter have their title stripped? Yes, I believe so. This will be the first thing.

"Those who have been following the trial in Naples know that all the witness statements have been relevant because they have disclaimed the accusations [against Moggi and other defendants]."

Inter president Massimo Moratti was expected to be called in by Moggi's defence team as a witness, but they have decided against it.

Penta explained: "Moratti at the trial? Wasting time with certain people has no sense because things that were supposed to be explained have been explained and things that needed to be understood have been too."
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