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Jul 25, 2001
Share your bets with us, what have you won and what did you loose? And how do you bet? Local betting offices or online? And what advices do you have for those interested but reluctant?


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Jun 9, 2003
I havent been betting for some 3 months now. It's never a good idea to bet on the last few rounds on national championships or European or World Champonships, too many upsets happen.


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Jun 15, 2004
Yeah but you want to bet on the underdogs so the upsets pay out. I reccomend doing plenty of bets, so chances are your gonna gain :D

Not to curse my luck. But i have a £40 bet on Rooney for topgoalscorer at like 14-1 :D

I usually bet at my local. But i reccomend anyone bets on the snooker online. You can bet on who is going to win each frame. I made like £700 on that lately.

Although ive taken alot of beatings over the years too :D


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Apr 22, 2003
Check out the old betting thread, it was just me :embarass:

I haven't done it in a while though, for no reason in particular. Maybe it wasn't good for me :undecide:

That said, I was pretty bloody good at it back in my punting days :D
Sep 28, 2002
i had two bets with mate, lost both of them. one was for england france, another for portugal spain. good thing that i prefer spending money in other ways.


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Apr 22, 2003
i haven't put money on it, but I'm looking at a half/full double. Draw at halftime, Czechs to win at full time.


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Mar 9, 2004
I lost the bet i made. Now im broke! and i get my next money on the day of the final...


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Jun 25, 2003
Do you guys know that telegraph game? They had one for the Champions League, in 2002-2003 I was 16th (out of 3000 or so)...thanks to all my Italians of course..


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Apr 22, 2003
++ [ originally posted by gray ] ++
i haven't put money on it, but I'm looking at a half/full double. Draw at halftime, Czechs to win at full time.
I told you I'm good :stuckup:



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Jan 11, 2003
Im not going to bet any money on this tournament. I allready lost many money on Germany - Latvia and France - Greece match!

I guess i have to wait for the Italian league to start before ill start to bet with money again.


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Mar 11, 2004
the last time i bet was euro2004 england vs france
100HKD with my frds
england first half 1-0
france second half 2-1

won quite a lot i think, will get my money back when i go back


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Feb 21, 2004
Me and 14 of my friends put $62 each ($2 per game) and each wrote up scores for every match. Whoever predicts most exact results gets more than $900.

I am currently topping the table, together with another guy, with 6 exact results. Closest competitors have 4.

So myself and the second leader decided not to take any chances and finish this in a partnership- basically competing against everyone else, and no matter who gets most results (either me or him), we split all the money.

With just three games left, I have strong chances to secured $450.

I don't know why, but I have exactly predicted all three groups stage games by Greece! Including a 2-1 result vs Portugal in the opening match :D.

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