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Aug 1, 2003
just curious, you know, since i live in malaysia and always wondered why the attendance in delle alpi is so low.

some say its because most of the ppl in turin support torino, others say because the view from the stands is bad, and another reason is because the stadium is actually on the outskirts of turin so its actually far.

i confess myself confused and curious! :angel:

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Nov 16, 2001
It is partly beacuse Delle Alpi is a crappy stadium.
But the main reason is Juventus. It can be fun to support a team that wins quite a lot but after a while the hype disappears. You need to have some bad years to get passionate. When was the last year Juventus had a bad year?
No, it is hard to find a more boring team than Juventus. No scandals, no divas, no hooligans, no passion. It is impossible to understand how people can support Juve unless they are "win-supporters". That type of supporters always disappears after a while.
Juve plays defensive, never takes any risks and rarely buy any controversial players. How can that type of team become interesting? Nothing new or special happens.


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Jul 30, 2003
err... while i agree with your comment i think it might goes beyond the context of stadium attendance...

sally: what u said about the view from the stand is true..its impossible for Dell Alpi to be full coz not all place has a good view. in fact the lowest area which is supposed to be the closet to the field has the worse view cos it was covered by the atmosphere is very cold bcoz the fans are far from the field ...unlike any other italian team, Juventus fan base is scattered all over italy and rest assured that Dell Alpi also far from full when Torino plays..


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Aug 28, 2002
It is 4 many reason... a bit cause the Stadium is crappy, but I don't think is the main reason, a bit cause Juve fans are spread around Italy but as Sally said in Turin peaple mostly cear Torino and also cause Juve has more fans than Milan, Inter, Lazio and Roma but fans of this 4 teams are defenitly hotter, and infact their stadiums are always full and also in the away games they have so many supporters following tham.

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