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  1. Juventus Fans Pics

  2. Juventus Fans Pics

    Seeing how it's always raining flares from C4 and B4 at Constant Van Den Stock, I suppose there's no rule against them.
  3. Juventus Fans Pics

    As part of the antihooliganism measures, the use of flares inside football grounds in the UK is illegal and if fans are found setting flares off, the resident club faces a hefty fine.
  4. Juventus Fans Pics

    As with anything incandescent. You can also burn yourself with a cigarette you know. But flares can be easily manipulated and I doubt you'd be sitting where they're being lit anyway. Once fallen onto the pitch, flares are more annoying than they are dangerous to the players safety.
  5. Juventus Fans Pics

    Not in Delle Alpi anyway! I'm not even convinced that Jan Zelezny would manage to hit the keeper from as far as the Curve! :D But seriously, the flares may be impressive but they're just smoke, they really ain't that harmful. Throwing eccletic solid objects (like mobile phones, cf. the other...
  6. Juventus Fans Pics

    It's not as it seems.
  7. Juventus Fans Pics

    What are you talking about, Elke? Can't imagine a game without flares honestly! They along with firecrackers and WC rolls are part of the decorum.