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  1. Kuffour?

    And it is clear that ICEBLU isnt the most intelligent person if he thinks that wanting to keep juve-juve is the same as being a racist, poor u, i would actually say that you are the racist now iceblu!
  2. Kuffour?

    Ok its a misunderstoodment, my intention wasnt to insult, but what is all this "brother" thing?...
  3. Kuffour?

    How was i suppose to know he was muslim?, and yes i shouldnt have used so many yuks, but the way it was formulated made it look like the way i said, thats why i though it was :yuk:
  4. Kuffour?

    Okay now im really pissed off by this crap its not my fault that your brain didnt understood my explanation, so ill try again: I highlited it red to make my answer clear. He said "plus he's muslim", and said so probably to provocate, anyhow as you probably figured out from my answer i dont...
  5. Kuffour?

    You asked me to answer nosubstitute959, and i have, so if you still dont understand it or dont believe it, then okay so what, just calm down
  6. Kuffour?

    Then maybe you MCPIERO could explain why you mentioned him as a plus that he was muslim, its okay for me, i only dont see it as a plus. Thats why i marked it red to make it clear. Is it a more plus to be a muslim than any other nation, is that what you think since you mentioned it? :dontcare:
  7. Kuffour?

    You should first of all watch your mouth, you are only after to provocate me!, but im aware of it now so i dont care about you.
  8. Kuffour?

    :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: oh yeah thats a really big plus :yuck: