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  1. SERIE A: Parma - Juventus

    im aware of it now, so i totally agree ;). my mistake sorry.
  2. SERIE A: Parma - Juventus

    hm, ok i actually thought the winners were the only one to not qualify. Well then its a totally different case. But i'm confident that Juve will make it anyway.
  3. SERIE A: Parma - Juventus

    You dont get a trophy/scudetto for a second place so if it is second or third doesnt matter, as long as we are at top 4 for the champions league. Next year we'll hopefully win!
  4. SERIE A: Parma - Juventus

    I hope Gilardino scores some goals against us, so Moggi buys him without a doubt. This match isnt very important for Juve, we have nothing to win so maybe they will help the good friend Parma, so they can take the 4'th place away from ugly inter.