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  1. 'Murica!

    She "was" cute back in the day. 1679959789 LOL love it. 1679959833 big beautiful building magnificent best building in the history of buildings. greatest of all time 1679960438 Wow - I gotta say. If the shooter today was a conservative MAGA, this thread would be blowing up. Fucking...
  2. 'Murica! Everything’s fine guys.
  3. 'Murica!

    Probably but because lib feelings…
  4. 'Murica! Totally normal for these nuts (no pun) to win against women…. lmao look at the bulge. I hope all sports crack down on them and force them into their own league. 1679624209...
  5. 'Murica!

    Just turn and burn
  6. 'Murica! Outstanding. 1679608138 :touched:
  7. 'Murica!

    Or run them over if you’re in the car.
  8. Mauro Icardi - ST - PSG

    Would still take over Kean.
  9. Manuel Locatelli

    Lmaooo that’s your retort? Shift discussion to Weston to defend loca? Desperate much :lol:
  10. Manuel Locatelli

    Ridiculous he still has people defending him here. Such a waste. I can't imagine many suitors for him this summer, probably stuck with him again next season.
  11. 'Murica!
  12. 'Murica!

    Right wing watch lol i guess libs of Tik tok is the equivalent in the other direction? you know, posting the vids showing the words straight from the horses mouths? 1678032776 Disclaimer: Not calling left wing nuts horses FYI. 1678032908 Also - shout out to Tampa airport. Probably the...
  13. 'Murica!

    He was buddies with Mayor Buttigegeggegeevge no surprise 1677942160 Sierra tho :tup:
  14. 'Murica!
  15. 'Murica!

    Congrats to Chicago for ditching that dumb ass mayor
  16. 'Murica!

    Illinois not one to be outdone, evidently....
  17. 'Murica!

    Are AP classes racist and/or unfair? Why or why not? 1676919759 Wokeism at its finest: I hope the family gets their money back.
  18. 'Murica!

    right-wing political hack post in-coming: Punish the smart kids to make the dumb kids feel better about being dumb. Reparations and dumbing kids down. Bravo CA. :tup: //...
  19. 'Murica!

    And it’s Florida :lol:
  20. 'Murica!

    Congrats on destroying the planet