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  1. Show us your desktops!

    Isn't it obvious? ;)
  2. Show us your desktops!

    Like this: I guess I can write a HOWTO (or at least link to the one I used - it's simple).
  3. Show us your desktops!

    I know, just kidding. I managed to change the font and all the mouse looks now. Very ubuntuesque, but I will still need to make some changes in order to fool you. ;) Martin, I love the aesthetics of Ubuntu but need XP for some software I am using. This seemed a decent compromise. :)
  4. Show us your desktops!

    I see. I'll try to come as close as possible and return with the results. What I need now is to find a good boot screen to replace the Windows XP one. :eyebrows:
  5. Show us your desktops!

    I actually got quite a few font options (some came with the theme, some using ClearType Tuning), but I haven't messed with them yet. Do you happen to know what fonts Ubuntu uses?
  6. Show us your desktops!

    Hah, fooled you. :D It's actually a heavily customized XP. I used Ubuntu 6.10 with Gnome and Beryl for a month. I worked hard and spent a lot of time making everything work properly, and while I did learn a lot I felt XP suited me better. I have Ubuntu installed on my old computer for...
  7. Show us your desktops!

    All four desktops: Just one: I love it. Simple and efficient.
  8. Show us your desktops!

    In reality I have 100gb of stuff on my computer. It's all about using the start menu.
  9. Show us your desktops!

    I like it clean.
  10. Show us your desktops!

    You can find it at, the url which Arif sprayed out in the bottom right corner. :D