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  1. Anyone know how many fans Juve has?

    How juve fans are there in italy, and also anyone got a list of fans for the other italian clubs, i remember used to have it but can't find it anymore, thanks.
  2. for those who live in italy or been there

    roma is a beautiful place, spend at least a couple of days there. Venezia is also wonderful place, don't get a gondola though as they rip you off, go on a boat ride that takes you round the place. I stayed in a place called Brescia, Hotel Novetel, very nice :) When are you going?
  3. can we be immortal ?

    I'd like to live forever to see the future as long as I could stay at a reasonble young age though
  4. Moggi's cheque book is closed now

    Moggi would suck badly if this was true :/
  5. [CL] Juventus - Djurgarden

    That sucks, I was hoping that the 2nd leg was at home that way I coudl have gone and watched them as I am visiting family between august 12-30 :(
  6. [CL] Juventus - Djurgarden

    Where will the first leg be?
  7. Arsenal chief meets Juventus officials

    Campbell is a fantastic player, uses his strength to ease players of the ball, good timing at tackiling, and those who question his pace; did anyone watch the premiership last season :confused: He's certainly better than Legro.
  8. Emerson to Juventus???

    About time, now for gilagol and bonera :cool:
  9. Juventus pre-season friendlies

    IS the UCL qualifying game on the 24th the home leg for Juve?
  10. emerson joins juve

    Yes, very good price, good business for a change though I hope this isn't Moggi's big transfer
  11. Ferrari should sponsor Juve

    How much are sky paying for sponsorship?
  12. Juventus First team

    Thanks a lot :)
  13. Juventus First team

    Hello, could some please provide me with a full list of the whole juve first team (including any transfers).
  14. Ciao Tutti! Hello ;

    Yeah thats me, why you registered there too?
  15. Ciao Tutti! Hello ;

    One thing before anyway does it again, please don't call me Frank :D I absolutely hate it :mad:
  16. Ciao Tutti! Hello ;

    Hopefully I will, we have that many milan fans on here :D
  17. New kits and NEW JUVE LOGO?

    OK thanks so obviously the fastweb deals expired.
  18. Ciao Tutti! Hello ;

    Thanks everyone :)
  19. New kits and NEW JUVE LOGO?

    Are sky going to sponsering Juve next year, not fastweb? Plus the shirts on the opening post are fb.
  20. Ciao Tutti! Hello ;

    Hello everyone, I would like to introduce myself to these boards. My name is Franco Cataldo and am Italian but sadly live in England ;). Been a Juve fan since I can remember and this place seems perfect for fans of juve ;) HELLO :D