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  1. Harry Potter anyone?

    Wow, talk about respect, uh? Now, the fact you hate it does not give you the right to look down on those who do. You hate the book? that's cool but you should at least accept that we all have different likes and more importantly, learn to respect them.
  2. I need Juve logo in high-res

    Wow, that was fast! Thanks :D
  3. I need Juve logo in high-res

    Hey, I have been looking for the new Juve logo to add it as my wallpaper, thing is I can't find a high-resolution picture. Can anyone help me? Thanks! :) P.S. And if anyone can help me find a nice wallpaper of Vincenzo Montella (that doesn't include Roma's logo or colours please ;) ) I'd...
  4. My PC slows down while printing

    They are small Word documents. Even if if it's just one page., it'd go all slow and impossible.
  5. My PC slows down while printing

    I hope some of the experts here can help me. My PC is an Athlon XP 2200, 256MB, 80GB HD. Lately, everytime I am printing documents, it slows down dramatically. It takes ages for a program to load. I never had this problem before. What this may be? Thanks :)
  6. Moldova v. Italy WC 2006 qual. - Europe (Group 5)

    Could one of the mods close this topic or merge it with the other one? Sorry, didn't notice there was a topic for this game already. Thanks :)
  7. World Cup Qualifier: Moldova - Italy

    Isn't it weird that Del Piero is playing with No. 10 today when just a few days ago, Miccoli did too? And not that I am complaining but, isn't No. 10 Totti's? A question, is DP captain?
  8. World Cup Qualifier: Moldova - Italy

    Gah! Sorry, I hadn't seen this topic! :( One of the mods might delete the other one I hope.
  9. Moldova v. Italy WC 2006 qual. - Europe (Group 5)

    How was the goal? :)
  10. Moldova v. Italy WC 2006 qual. - Europe (Group 5)

    Didn't see a thread for this one, so 7' 0-0
  11. venezuelans here?

    Gracias, Arturo. Mucho gusto :) Veo que Uds. ya tienen tiempo aquí. Yo siempre revisaba este forum pero no me registré sino hasta ahora, es bien agradable aquí :)
  12. venezuelans here?

    Heh. Yo recien me gradué en Comp. en la Simón Bolívar. Y eso por qué? ESPN va a transmitir la Serie A y la Champions League, Meridiano tambien transmite la Champions :)
  13. Italy-Norway FIFA WC

    It's a Germany 2006 qualifier :) Did Del Piero play?
  14. Official Zlatan Ibrahimovic Thread

    I don't agree with you about Cassano. I do believe he was Italy's best player in the Euro 2004. He's a very nice player, sadly his attitude doesn't really help him much but on the court, he's truly gifted.
  15. Harry Potter anyone?

    Any Harry Potter fans outhere? :D
  16. venezuelans here?

    Que lástima! Así era en el forum donde yo estoy. Los moderadores no sabían de que estaba hablando uno y no podían controlar si la gente empezaba a pelear o algo lol. Gracias! Yo tengo 23 :) Estoy muy emocionada porque ya va a comenzar la nueva temporada :cool:
  17. venezuelans here?

    That's true. We're stuck here. Si. Se puede hablar español aqui? Es que yo pertenezco a otro forum y alli no nos dejan hablar en otros idiomas :( Tu tambien vives en Caracas?, por cierto, mi nombre es Isanie :)
  18. venezuelans here?

    It is okay, in fact, Your reaction is totally understandable. The day after the referendum I felt pretty much the same way, I was angry and hopeless but I've had time to analyse this, y'know? and the more I think about it, the more I believe that everything is not lost. He will pay for...
  19. Juventus 2004-05 team lineup

    I really like this one. A lot. :cool:
  20. Why Di Vaio left Juve… (Del Piero)

    Word! :thumb: