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  1. Pizzaro is not that bad

    no man we dont need those african or south american nobodies they cost us a fortune andjust sit on the bench. also they never want to defend they just want to attack. we schoud look for players that already proven themselves (totti, inzaghi, ballack) to reinforce our squad. i m sure capello will...
  2. Who will we really get?

    i dont understand how other teams (barca, inter,...) seem to have much more money to do transfers for big players and larger wages than juve can do. they seem cheap.
  3. What suprises does Moggi still have ?

    rosicky is good but more of a wringer. we need a good new midfielder ballack woud be super.
  4. Moggi: "Barca must double Trez bid"

    sell always injured trezeguet and with that money we can get pipo inzaghi back in turin.together with vieri and dp it will be one of the best attacks in europe
  5. Brazilians the key

    wich is diego s current team
  6. F.UCK! Looks like we wont get emerson after all..

    damn who are we going buy now the midfield needs a quality player
  7. Emerson to Juventus???

    i simply dont understand the comotion around emerson. i mean he s good but there are a lot of good players for that position and thry are cheaper as emerson. and isn t he playing on the spot of taccinardi.
  8. Official: Glenn aka Zizou thinks that Vieri will be a Juventino again

    juventus has a larger budget as real madrid. only manchester beat juve on the count of money. so they must be able to make big transfers like real and inter
  9. Official: Glenn aka Zizou thinks that Vieri will be a Juventino again

    now just a replacement for trez is al we need in attack that gilardinho or f. inzaghi woud be great
  10. IT'S OFFICIAL: Inter sign VERON

    not so good for us. inter will be much stonger now with veron cause he s a great player. still prefer nedved on that place
  11. Official: Glenn aka Zizou thinks that Vieri will be a Juventino again

    we shoud forget emerson and concentrade on ballack before barca snaps him away
  12. Official: Glenn aka Zizou thinks that Vieri will be a Juventino again

    roma wont allow evemson joining us. definatly after the capello episode
  13. new stadium

    i heard juventus soon will begin to build a new stadium with a reduced capacitie of only 40000 seats.:eek:. how is this possibele other big teams are doing noting else as building larger stadiums.
  14. Nedved for Vieri?

    wtf. nedved is the best juve player moggi will never trade him for vieri and 4-4-2 is just not a juve way to play
  15. Emerson To Real For 17 Mil

    not to worrie we just get ballack instead he s equaly good or even better as emerson and propably even cheaper
  16. Brazilians the key

    i don t now diego so propadly he won t be that great. emerson will go to real. and ronaldinho is to expensive. let s hope rivaldo joins us he sill has it.
  17. Marquez to Juventus?

    money at least 15 mil for trez +good defender sounds good but then we definatly also need an attacker
  18. nesecary transfers

    ballack is the perfect replacement for davids i think he s even better as him. emerson isn t bad either but roma will sell him to real so emrerson can t be competing against roma in serie a.
  19. nesecary transfers

    disagree nedved tacci and dp are great trez to but wants to leave so he s gone but what if one of them is out for a while no replacements there
  20. nesecary transfers

    even with a super defence and no new midfielders or attackers its doubtfull they wil win a trophy