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  1. -Tom

    Juve mercato 08-09 vote: The Final Frontier

    I voted 6. + A decent backup-keeper, at last! + Some young players who might actually help us (Giovinco, Marchisio, De Ceglie..) + To get Mellberg on a free transfer is not a bad signing, even if I would have hoped for him to be a backup-CD. + Iago: A non-typical transfer for Juve and one, that...
  2. -Tom

    [Champions League] Juventus v Artmedia Bratislava (August 13th, 2008)

    Juventus-Bratislava will be shown on I watched Fiorentina-Slavia, the Quality is OK. Better than nothing...
  3. -Tom

    [Trofeo TIM] Juve vs Inter vs Milan (July 29th 2008)

    Milan it is, great debut for Muntari. :D
  4. -Tom

    [Trofeo TIM] Juve vs Inter vs Milan (July 29th 2008)

    If Milan win on penalties, they win the "Cup". If Inter wins the shootout, we will be the heroes of the day. Basically: Inter won't win shit today.
  5. -Tom

    Forecast for 2008/2009

    I'm guessing 4th in Serie A, behind Inter, Milan and Roma. Within two or three points behind us: la Viola. CL: We'll qualify; given the right drawing, QF or even SF is possible...
  6. -Tom


    It's not going to happen, but would be a great signing for once. He's probably not getting the 10. :D
  7. -Tom

    Gigi's backups (Chimenti done...Manninger next?)

    Manninger has penned a 4 year-contract with Udinese, according to the Austrian media.
  8. -Tom

    Gigi's backups (Chimenti done...Manninger next?)

    Ochs plays for "Red Bull Salzburg", not "Red Star Salzburg". :D
  9. -Tom

    Best foreigner at the club since 1990

    Nedved, Thuram, Jugovic.
  10. -Tom

    Movie about Italy on the World Cup 2006. Watch it.

    Great. Takes me back... :D Thanks for the memories!
  11. -Tom

    Burdisso-Camoranesi trade

    Does anybody know for sure, when the transfer window closes in Italy?
  12. -Tom

    Boumsong: Why I chose Juve

    He's a Juve-plaxer now, so: All the best for "Boum". Let's see what he can do, before we judge his performances...
  13. -Tom


    What a shitty transfer. Lots of cash PLUS the comproprietà for Masiello and Palladino. This has to be a bad dream. Someone wake me up. Now! :D
  14. -Tom

    Caressa, What A Commentator

    B-E-A-uuuutiful. :pint:
  15. -Tom

    Juve to sign kuffour

    No way. This does'nt make any sense: Tudor and even Legro could get the job done better than this slow tubby. Plus Kuffour would cost about € 1.4 Mio...
  16. -Tom

    Ibra & Camoranesi want out

    Word. I always liked him, IMO he did some great things for Juventus. I totally understand his decision, he has enough potential to enrich another club. Farewell, lad!
  17. -Tom

    Italy-Netherlands Euro2000, full match (http link)

    Great stuff. Thanks a lot!
  18. -Tom

    NEW JUVE KITS 2006-2007

    Great collar, classy. The home-jersey is worth a buy.
  19. -Tom

    Robert Kovac out? NO! He's Staying!

    Just bring Tudor back in. :D
  20. -Tom

    Julio Ricardo Cruz

    I hate that jerk. Of course he would be useful with the departure of Ibra and Trez at hand, but I'd prefer another solution...