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  1. Nedved Wanted?

    I say keep Nedved and buy Jankulowski to see if he can take over the role. Neither Maresca nor Aimar can do Nedved's job like a lot in here has said. They might be nearly as good offensively, but Neddy also pulls an elephants load in the defensive work which can't be said about those two. At...
  2. SERIE A: Juventus - Roma

    I think you guys are too anti-Lippi.
  3. SERIE A: Juventus - Roma

    Ok, I found some videoclips myself: (Perhaps someone could post them in the first post as well, so people won't have to browse through 30 pages to find the link?)
  4. SERIE A: Juventus - Roma

    God, I would have LOVED to see this match. :( Are there any goal videos around, I speculate?
  5. Goal videos from matches... (click on mål) and the forums over at have a lot of goal replays as well.
  6. Dazed & Confused Soundtrack

    Dazed and Confused? But that's the name of an old Led Zep song. Isn't that oncluded on the soundtrack as well?
  7. Goal videos from matches...

    Thanks for the link, but couldn't we make it a rule to post the goal clips in the initial post in matches threads? That would ease my life a lot.
  8. Goal videos from matches...

    Hi, I almost never have the opportunity to see Juve's matches, so I always have to scour the internet for videoclips of the goals. I always have to trawl through 20 page threads for all Juve's matches before I can find some link to a video clip. And for the latest couple of matches, I haven't...
  9. hip hop and rap shit

  10. hip hop and rap shit

  11. winnig 11

    Lotsa tricks and unlockable stuff in all W11 and PES games, yes.
  12. New Juventus Stadium

    As far as I can remember, our pitiful stadium has had a 30k season attendance average, and the new one with great atmosphere will be 35k, right? So once people start enjoying the new stadium the demans for seats would improve, thus warranting the need for bigger capacity. I'm only wondering...
  13. Linkin park

    I'm just saying my opinion, I assume that's what you were expecting when you made this thread? I don't know how many members are in the band. I was actually talking about the boyband "Five", also referred to as "5ive" in written form. Maybe I'm just being picky, but I could never take...
  14. Linkin park

    It's not positive. :) I'm sorry, but I find the lyrics of the song you posted extremely cliché. And that new one: "... I wanna heal, I wanna scream, I wanna find ... somewhere I belong" - I mean, seriously, how pathetic can it get? It's childrens music for bleak people.
  15. Favourite albums

    Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd - Animals Pink Floyd - The Wall Roger Waters - The Pros and Cons Of Hitchhiking Roger Waters - Amused To Death
  16. Best solos

    Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb. Dave Gilmour's guitar solo in the end beats everything else.
  17. top ten rock artists of time

    Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull and The Doors. Like Britney Spears is a childrens version of pop music, Linkin Park is a childrens version of rock.
  18. Linkin park

    I find Linkin Park to be absolute gash. 5ive with guitars.
  19. New Juventus Stadium

    No one seemed to notice, so I thought I might bump this question up again. Don't you think the new stadium will be upgradable? So they could increase it to 60k or something like that a couple of years later?
  20. Delpiero on Fifa Cover

    WHat a bad cover. I know the FIFA games are totally rubbish, but at least they usually know how to make the covers look good. Del Piero doesn't look like himself in that render. You should see him in the new Winning Eleven 7. He's the spitted image of his real life persona. Plus WE7 is ten...