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  1. Football plans, somethink for Juve?

    LOL! Yeah, I must say, the English and Belgian plans are two of a kind! And no one can disagree w/ the Inter one;)
  2. Rothen Salas swap?

    I think Salas wants to get released b/c if he does there'll be more chances for him out there since whoever dons his services won't have to pay the transfer fee, and he's likely to get a higher offer for salary. :groan:
  3. The Friendly Matches Thread

    hey littleD, could you provide the U.S. schedules for Man Utd and Barcelona too?
  4. Rothen Salas swap?

    As for Rothen, :excited:
  5. Rothen Salas swap?

    Salas is not a bad player, but for us he's been. Salas is never gonna have any luck for Juve since he doen't feel like he has anything to give to the club, and it's for his own best that he leaves Turin (as well as the club's). I'm just mad at him cause he isn't wanting to reduce his salary.
  6. Official Transfers Thread

    Chelsea, Newcastle linked as Milan confirm "English offer" for Nesta - July 4, 2003 AC Milan have confirmed an unidentified Premiership club failed with a massive bid for defender Alessandro Nesta. Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani revealed: "Yesterday I refused an...
  7. Season 02/03: Juve's Player of the Year

    Kinda surprising noone has brought this up yet. Perhaps in all of our minds noone comes close to Nedved. So lets go ahead and vote for the top 3 players then. If anyone wants to make a poll, lets go for it. My top 3 Bianconeri for season 02/03: 1. Pavel Nedved 2. Ciro Ferrara 3...
  8. Serie A Team of the Year

    Buffon; Thuram, Nesta, Legrottaglie, Maldini; Fiore, Stankovic, Davids; Nedved; Mutu, Vieri subs: Dida, Ferrara, Zanetti, Maresca, Emre, Miccoli, Adriano
  9. CL hangover : Lippi puzzles me

    Seriously, I don't wanna talk about this anymore. Almost everyone carries a small portion of the blame for this loss. It wasn't all Lippi's fault, and it wasn't all Trezeguet's wrongdoing. The tactics weren't the most horrible ones, but they could have been better. We didn't play the worse...
  10. CL hangover : Lippi puzzles me

  11. Your Dream Team......

  12. Your Dream Team......

    Here's mine....... ----------------------------Wattareus ---------------------Mexes --------------Maldini Thuram ------------------------------------------------------Roberto Carlos ---------------------Pirlo -----------Davids Zambrotta -----------------------------Zidane...
  13. whivh of juve past and now player u like most?

    Peruzzi, Gentile, Davids, Zidane, Baggio, Vieri, Del Piero
  14. Di Vaio!

    A_Lacki, he was bought as our 3rd striker when Trez was injured. I believed Marco played more games, or atleast the same amount, than Trez, and a mere 7 goal tally is simply not good enough. Even in his Parma days, though he scored a bag full of goals, he wasted many. He's simply not a Juve...
  15. Juventus Compared to Milan.

    Dida v Buffon - Buffon Costacurta v Thuram - Thuram Nesta v Ferrara - Nesta Maldini v Montero - Maldini Kaladze v Birindelli - equal Pirlo v Tacchinardi - Tacchi edges (Pirlo is Milan's anchor to their passing game, but Tacchi is the anchor to our defense and the link-up to the...
  16. Best Defender Thread

    best RB: Thuram 2 of the best CB's: Maldini et Puyol (esp. after Antic's arrival) best LB: no doubt Roberto Carlos
  17. ..::CL FINAL::.. Juventus - Milan

    I like the Camo-Tacchi-Davids-Zamb midfield. During the match, we can easily switch Zambrotta do the right and give Camo a central role. We can switch back and forth easily. Starting Di Viao won't be the brightest of ideas.
  18. Reggina - Juventus

    anyone who watched the game, how did fresi and oliveira play?
  19. Zambrotta, a truly great player!

    juvelover, i always have liked Zambrotta too. unlike many wingers he always had both attacking and defensive qualities. now, i believe he is not only the best right winger in italy, but in the world.
  20. ur opinion about my signature....

    If yours was criticism, mine sure can't be far off. By saying one more thing I would like end this discussion. This is not your work place. Whether you like it or not, this is a happy-go-round place where people come for socializing. Your opinions are not facts, and you can't "criticize"...