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  1. SERIE A: Lecce - Juventus

    tudor maybe....
  2. Your juve team

    ===================Buffon================== Thuram=======Tudor==========Legro======Zambro ============Appiah=========Maresca========== ==================Nedved================== ======Miccoli=====================Del Piero==== ==================Di Vaio=================== UNSTOPPABLE...
  3. Yur own Player Nicknames

    Del Piero : Alex the Great :cool: Buffon: baffon (though he's gr8) Tudor: Igy montero : Poalito Maresca:enzolio
  4. 2 matches, 2 goals conceded

    i agree...we've been the best defensive team for 4 years in a row now, and dont wanna see us havin a leaky defence. Tudor played a full 90 mins yesterday and played well, albeit in midfield, but maybe lippi will soon realise we need the tudor alongside legro, would be an awsome defence IMO...
  5. The Nike - Tamoil Controversy

    George Bush is the Anti-Christ:devil::devil::devil:
  6. CL: Juventus - Galatasaray

    if legro cant play we should use tudor, but then again im not lippi:down::down::down:
  7. 2 matches, 2 goals conceded

    what about tudor?? he was on the bench against chievo but didnt play. he should be fit now though and i think he should be starting. he's our best center back and once he stop getting and these phucked up injuries he and legro should form a lethal combo....they'll also score quite a few going...
  8. some news about the NIKE jersey!

    i think i saw the new jersey on appiah in some pics...
  9. Formation for 2003/04

    Lippi's formation is great, that team can really kick ass next year. Although, IMO tudor should be ahead of the montero. He has been better than montero for a few seasons now.....
  10. Gasbarroni & Paro

    probably moggi and co want to evaluate him for another year in serie B....he is still very young. He will play serie A 2004-2005, im sure, but serie b aint toooo bad for the time.
  11. What Kind of Juve Can We Expect Next Season?

    i expect a juve with the same fire to win like last season. we have some much need youth in our team and i hope they get a lot of playing time, especially maresca who i rate as the next davids:fero::fero:....also a 3 man defence could be and option next year, as thuram tudor and legro would be a...
  12. ..::CL FINAL::.. Juventus - Milan

    1 hour 45 mins.....finally where back where we should be.....i 've got a good feeling about this match, once davids and alex play exceptionally well...i'll be confident bout us be da champs of europe.
  13. Di Vaio!

    increadible..yes...but feasible?? di Vaio wouldnt want to be 4th striker, u think MUTU would wanna be 4th??? i think not...cavenaghi is younger and so he wouldnt mind being 4th still, and learing the tricks of the trade at juve. Dp, Trez, Miccoli, Caven, Zala....and considering it would cost...
  14. I Want Aimar!

    Aimar is Great, but for the price we would have to pay,there are better options, like d'agostino. he's italian and i think with juve's training he could be great.
  15. Di Vaio!

    Di vaio for 0$ would be all swell...but since he is on loan with an option for us to buy him at the seasons end, i say let him go....dont pay anymore money for that flopp...he has score a few but hasnt played as we as he should and with miccoli coming in, i dont see us paying for his large...
  16. Chievo - Juventus

    motha ****a.....cossato :down:
  17. Chievo - Juventus

    c'mon nekton...hurry with the 3rd goal..
  18. Chievo - Juventus

  19. Chievo - Juventus

    The industrious Perrotta makes way for the atttack-minded Pellisier...
  20. Chievo - Juventus

    Chievo-Juventus (57' ) : And Zambrotta goes into the book for an ugly foul on Lazetic...