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  1. Hate more? Milan or Inter?

  2. Formation

    OK I also like to be a strateg:D My formation: ---------------------Buffon------------------- Thuram---------Legro----------Montero------------Birindelli Zambrota----------Conte-------------Taccinardi ------------------------Nedved--------- Dei...
  3. Why lippi prefer camoranese to Micolli??

    gray u're right
  4. Why lippi prefer camoranese to Micolli??

    I think we need use Zambro on the right wing enstead of Camoranesi FORZA JUVE KILL'EM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. can we match up to milan?

    seriously, i watch them play and im awestruck. i was so scared when we had to play them earlier and i just couldnt sleep for days:stress: thankfully we got lucky that day but luck never lasts. we used to at least have the advantage of having a better keeper but now even dida has surpassed...
  6. Nedved for Captain?

  7. SERIE A: Lazio - Juventus

    [Probable line-up: Buffon Thuram Legro Monte Zambro:confused: Tacchi Davids Camo Neddy DP Trezeguet i think we these line-up Buffon Thuram Legro Monte Pessoto Tacchinardi Davids Zambrota Nedved DelPiero DiVaio FORZA JUVE:fero::fero::fero:
  8. SERIE A: Lazio - Juventus

    I'm not praying I'm sure that the rael Juve we will see this day matches with Inter & Gala were smth like bad dream fatum, bad day & nothing else. WE'LL rise again & win FORZA Juve Lazio:devil::devil::devil:
  9. CL: Galatasaray - Juventus

    hey fellas!!! we needn't that game with Galatasaray so don't warry be happy we could win that game we have great strikers, that's the point so F O R Z A JUVE-E-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :fero::fero::fero:& we will win
  10. juventus

    Guys, what do you think about Totti? I think he would be useful for juve
  11. Lack of consistency from Lippi might be our undoing

    I support your idea, u are certainly right.Forza juve and Lippi is great and the best!!!!!!!!!!
  12. milan vs juve 1th november

    it's some kind of forecasting i dont like this MILAN, pure creatures, juve will destroy them, unless they have PIPPO&SHEVCHENKO & other bad players. Kill'em all
  13. go to 28 scudetto& champion's cup

    forza juve!!!!!!!!! u think it will smth new:D::D:D:D
  14. We Don't Attack Enough

    hey guys i think it's not really important how many attempts, number of goals that the indicator of attacks efficiency juve has 4 very good strickers and it's great!!!!!!!!!at last forza juve kill ROSSONERY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Torpedo Moscow

    Torpedo post [email protected], I'm from Ukraine
  16. Your 3 favorite Serie A teams

    I just wanna say: 1.Juve (have another variants??????) 2. Parma 3. Milan (only becaus Sheva is rossonerry and i'm from Ukraine also)
  17. forzza juve!!!!!!!!!

    All juventinis don't be sad. Juve will be the best always. I think the team should think about next season, and CL fina.And we support them. and COLOR=red]forzza juve!!!!!!!!! [/COLOR]
  18. CL hangover : Lippi's mistakes

    Answer bahraini: I support your point of view
  19. who knows anything about ukrainian fans?????

    Is there anyone from Ukraine????
  20. ..::CL FINAL::.. Juventus - Milan

    Holden i agree with you, nevertheless "juve" is the best team in europe for me