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  1. mikhail

    Gianluigi Buffon

    What did he say, exactly?? "Blasphemy" is the headline I saw.
  2. mikhail

    Il Capitano Alessandro Del Piero

    "Here’s to you, Derek Piero…what a wonderful player" (In spite of the seemingly disrespectful title, this is a profile of a legend for English football fans, who tend to know the square root of feck-all about anything across the channel.)...
  3. mikhail

    Formula 1 2020 season

    You haven't missed many of my posts here in that time. My career started to suck up more and more time. This forum slipped off my radar. I lurk occasionally, post even more infrequently.
  4. mikhail

    Formula 1 2020 season

    It's a dirge.
  5. mikhail

    Zinedine Zidane

    They had a bigger fanbase to start with, and they benefit from Madrid being more attractive than Turin for recruitment purposes. They've also had more than their fair of government help, first from Franco, but even relatively recently when the government bought their training ground for an...
  6. mikhail

    A friend of mine pubished a football book - fun read

    He's a UCD fan, a tiny amateur university club in Ireland. They qualified for the Europa League via an unlikely route while getting relegated, and in spite of being probably objectively the worst team in the competition, they actually won a round. Kevin went to all the games, spoke with the...
  7. mikhail

    What Are You Doing Right Now?

    I had that holiday. Boy, was that necessary to avoid going postal. Long, long year.
  8. mikhail

    What Are You Doing Right Now?

    I really need to finish some work by Monday night. So bloody sick of it. I can't wait to take a holiday.
  9. mikhail

    [ENG] Premiership 2012/2013

  10. mikhail

    [ENG] Premiership 2012/2013

    Reading, apparently.
  11. mikhail

    30,000 Dedication

    Pah. Rather than let French and German banks go under (and take the euro with them) for lending our banks money to lend our 'businessmen' money to build houses we don't need, we've been offered Germany's dick to sit on while the public pays for business errors.
  12. mikhail


    A year for 10k? How's the repetitive strain injury coming along?
  13. mikhail

    vbookie cash demand thread

    Huh, and there was me thinking the rep system was gone. Cheers.
  14. mikhail

    Buffon responds to fans on Facebook

    First Berlusconi, now this? :)
  15. mikhail

    The Mod Thread ("because for some reason,you think we actually care")

    You can ask, but any thread left alone for sufficiently long becomes a discussion about members' vaginas. Even before we had any* girls on the site. *We've always had girls on the site. I may be exaggerating.
  16. mikhail

    What Are You Doing Right Now?

    They what now? Sweet.
  17. mikhail

    The Mod Thread ("because for some reason,you think we actually care")

    I was once reading Orwell's Homage to Catelonia. He mentions being "lousy" while on the front lines of the Spanish Civil war. It took me whole seconds to realise he ment it literally. That word had never been quite so palpably disgusting for me before.
  18. mikhail

    vbookie cash demand thread

    Thank you to my various patrons.
  19. mikhail

    Movie Talk (New Films, Old Films... doesn't matter)

    It could certainly be argued. The book was long considered the sci-fi equivalent of fantasy's Lord of the Rings: immense and unfilmable. Expect to see it remade eventually.