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  1. The Wrestling thread

    Pretty sad when you need stars from 2 generations ago to drum up ratings.
  2. The Wrestling thread

    He was an awful human being. I feel so bad for Kevin having to try to defend his father, when he probably knows deep down inside that his father was responsible for 3 of his brothers dying. You could even say that he was responsible for David dying, knowing that he wasn't feeling well and...
  3. The Wrestling thread

    And I STILL miss the Von Erich's to this day. The Von Erich's vs. the Freebirds is one of the greatest long standing rivalries I had ever seen.
  4. The Wrestling thread

    I think people here are forgetting just how incredible Punk's mic work is. Arguably one of the greatest on the mic of all time. And he is a workhorse in the ring as well. CM punk potentially going to AEW would be mind boggling. Hell, he's still one of the most popular wrestlers out there...
  5. The Wrestling thread

    If you start looking at the photo from left to right, you say to yourself that this is one badass photo. And then you get to Davey Boy :lol: It's like they had to drag him out of line at the liquor store for this photo shoot :howler:
  6. The Wrestling thread

    If you are going to induct the Hart Foundation into the Hall of Fame, it should have been this version
  7. The Wrestling thread

    :sigh: My Nonna's favorite wrestler
  8. The Wrestling thread

    Yes . I saw him at a house show in providence. Andre and the guy who was the masked superstar (their nicknames had something to do with machines) vs big John studd and king Kong Bundy. Albano and Heenan were the managers, respectively. Andre was wearing a mask :lol: from what I remember, the...
  9. The Wrestling thread

    Andre the giant documentary trailer looks awesome
  10. The Wrestling thread

    Oh yeah, I met him. I didn't get his autograph, but I walked up to him, shook his hand, and asked him "Have you any idea what the street value of this mountain is?" He started laughing :lol: I met Trish Stratus, Flash Gordon, One of the two dudes from the Clerks movies, and two of the guys...
  11. The Wrestling thread

    Nope. Better. After 25 years, I finally met my favorite wrestler of all time :touched:
  12. The Wrestling thread

    @Mark Guess who I met and got an autograph of at Comic Con today :touched:
  13. The Wrestling thread

    Has anyone else watched the Ric Flair 30 for 30 documentary? It is must watch television.
  14. The Wrestling thread

    An all time great personality. There will never be another like him. All that pain he went through for the last 15 years is gone now
  15. The Wrestling thread

    Prayers for the Nature Boy
  16. The Wrestling thread

    Far and away, the best Wrestlemania moment last night I admit. I lost my shit when this happened. I haven't reacted to anything wrestling related like that in years. Probably since the Stone Cold Beer Truck episode
  17. The Wrestling thread

    RIP George "The Animal" Steele