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  1. Favorite Athletes Overall

    figure skating is a performance as well, yet it is included in the winter games. I'd put Wrestling in a similar category, only it doesn't matter much who's the champion, since my impression is that they don't compete anyways
  2. Favorite Athletes Overall

    oh man, forgot about Agassi, that man had style, the only wig-wearing sportsman I know :D
  3. Favorite Athletes Overall

    Lol, you were into badboys? :D
  4. Favorite Athletes Overall

    Of course, if you practice rock paper scissors enough you might smash people at it too :P
  5. Favorite Athletes Overall

    Ever try russian billiard? Once you play with the big balls, you understand that pool is for little girls :P
  6. Favorite Athletes Overall

    Excluding footie the list is very Latvian for me, nowadays I'm most proud about Porzingis, Bertans (basketball), Briedis (boxing) and Ostapenko (tennis). But there are a few strange foreigners on that list along the years like Olivier Panis and Karl Malone