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  1. Neymar - Forward - PSG

    If we signed Neymar we would be clear CL favorites no doubt. He is the only player I'd be willing to let Dybi go for.
  2. Serie A 2019/20

    Napoli signed a great player in Chucky Lozano today. Scary explosive attacker.
  3. Danilo

    Hes gonna do great here. Im calling it now.
  4. Paulo Dybala

    I felt like Juve and Dybala's agent were just raising Lukaku's price to mess with inter. but who knows. Id like to keep Dybala but if we really do sell, lets just swap him for Neymar. lol.
  5. Neymar - Forward - PSG

    Paratici is smart enough to pull off a genius marketing move though. That's for sure. If it makes sense, Juve will do it.
  6. Neymar - Forward - PSG

    I feel like if Agnelli pulled the trigger on an aging Ronaldo because of marketing potential then why wouldn't he do so for Neymar if the opportunity and conditions are possible? Makes sense for our brand.
  7. L' Angolo del nuovo manager...lasciate ogni speranza voi ch'entrate

    I fucking love this thread/s. :lol: I still firmly believe Pep is our next coach.
  8. New Juve coach: The Last Chapter

    Its not fucking Sarri. Its Pep. How many times do I have to repeat that to you Sarri peasants???
  9. New Juve coach: Part Deux

    I want Pep, but he didn't destroy us imo. He just had an actual bench when it mattered.
  10. New Juve coach: Part Deux

    David Moyes confirmed.
  11. Dani Alves

    Apparently we cheated this guy even though he was given a two year contract from the start. lol. didn't he leave because he wanted an extension and a raise?
  12. New Juve coach: Part Deux

    I was hoping someone would make sense of wtf google was translating. I probably should have posted the Italian version but I thought that wasn't allowed on this forum. I think it means Juve is pissed at AGI for breaking the news during negotiations.
  13. New Juve coach: Part Deux

    just saw this. made my blood boil. we need Pep just to shut these idiots up.
  14. New Juve coach: Part Deux

    Guest at Sportitalia market, Giovanni Capuano, Radio 24 journalist, gave updates on the rumors that Guardiola would like to Juventus, further fueled by the rumors spread this morning by the Agi agency: "I know that in the face of an immediate protest by Juventus towards the Agi agency, the...
  15. New Juve coach: Part Deux

    Public statements mean jackshit in sports. We should all know this by now.
  16. New Juve coach: Part Deux

    someone should start a poll to see who the true Pep believers have been. We got dudes in here melting down every 5 minutes convinced about Sarri being our guy.