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  1. andrej

    Summer Mercato Thread 2018

    Would love Cavani here if Higuain goes
  2. andrej

    World Cup 2018 LIVE thread

    Fuck Argentina, fuck Sampaoli, fuck Messi... fucking dickheads, hope they don’t go through. Come on Mandžo show some magic. P.S. Didn’t wan’t to hurt you fellas from Argentina, just NT today. I also like Messi, but stil... :D
  3. andrej

    Summer Mercato Thread 2018

  4. andrej

    Build/Predict Your Juve

    Szczesny Cancelo-Benatia-Chiellini-A.Sandro Can-Pjanić-SMS Dybala-Costa Higuain Perin Darmian-Caldara-Rugani-De Sciglio Khedira-Bentancur-Matuidi Cuadrado-Mandžukić-Bernardeschi That could be nearly perfect mercato IMO, and a quite realistic one.
  5. andrej

    Summer Mercato Thread 2018

    Would you guys get back Vidal if that means that we won’t be getting any other top CM beside Can? Just a thought tho :D
  6. andrej

    Summer mercato thread 2017-18

    Wtf just happened... did realy milan get top 3 CB in the world from us for just €40mil?!?! Okay, then I would like to see Rugani to get more chance and to get Caldara back from loan... we don't need to buy a new CB, rather focus on a top CM/CDM and RB
  7. andrej

    [Serie A, 19th round] Crotone 0-2 JUVENTUS [8th February, 2017]

    Neto Dani Alves-Bonucci-Rugani-Alex Sandro Sturaro-Pjanić Pjaca-Dybala-Mandžukić Higuain :hihi::hihi:
  8. andrej

    [Serie A, 23rd round] JUVENTUS 1-0 Calciopoli Directors [5th Feb, 2017]

    Khedira was also great yesterday IMO, took some balls, good passes, it surprises me how good they connect in 2 men midfield (Pjanić, Khedira), Mandžu was beast as always in new sistem, Higuain was also good (took some balls with pressure infront off the goal), I just didn't like substitute of...
  9. andrej

    Winter mercato thread 2016-17

    Ooooh, thanks
  10. andrej

    Winter mercato thread 2016-17

    Saw on Instagram that both Dybala and Marchisio are also in Milan... do they have a dinner as a club?
  11. andrej

    [Coppa Italia] JUVENTUS 2-1 AC Milan [25th January, 2017]

    I would like to see this formation: Neto Lichtsteiner-Rugani-Bonucci-Alex Sandro Khedira-Rincon Dybala-Pjanić-Pjaca Mandžukić
  12. andrej

    Juventus Shirts 2019/20

    Smart move (from marketing side), just look over Pogba, he has launched his own brand (PP), Ronaldo has it few years (CR7), same goes for Zlatan (A-Z), because it's easy for people to rember, gets you a recognision in the world, I believe it's not a stupid move (maybe I am wrong), but forget the...
  13. andrej

    Juventus Shirts 2019/20

    This is just a logo for social network/media or am I wrong? The crest of the club wil remain the same as it is...
  14. andrej

    [Serie A, 9th round] AC Milan 1-0 JUVENTUS [22nd October, 2016]

    1-4 2x Higuain, Dybala penalty, Pjanić free kick baby:jvefan::baggio:
  15. andrej

    Claudio Marchisio

  16. andrej

    Endless Summer Mercato 2016

    I don't know if this Herrera guy is good to be a first team player for us, I would much rather see Matić (but as it seems, Conte won't let him go), sell Pereyra, Hernanes, Zaza, De Ceglie, Isla (60mil), Pogba is off to MUTD(120mil, so we are even), and if I remember well Marrota said that we...
  17. andrej

    Endless Summer Mercato 2016

    Okay, I will give you with Darmian (honestly I was always thinking he was a good crosser, but I was wrong), but for Calhanoglu... I think he is a great player to come in Juve, good passer, distance shooter, has some skills and he is affordable, as for departures and arrivals... I said that it...
  18. andrej

    Endless Summer Mercato 2016

    What about Calhanoglu? He is a great player, with good technique, passing, shooting... And also, Leverkusen will have a huge sale because they are probably not qualifying to CL, and it's not certain for EL either, so they will probably have to sell their main players: Calhanoglu, Kampl...
  19. andrej

    [Coppa Italia 1/2] JUVENTUS vs Calciopoli Directors [27th Jan, 2016]

    Neto Rugani Bonucci Chiellini Cuadrado Sturaro Marchisio Asamoah Alex Sandro Dybala Morata Destroy!:boss:
  20. andrej

    Summer mercato 2015

    I would love to see Thiago Alcantara as he is exact player that Juve needs, great vision, passes, fast and a good long range shooter (good, not great...)