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  1. Federico Chiesa - AM RL, SS - Fiorentina

    So now its Inter's chance for revenge after the Lukaku debacle. 1565710746 And we sold Kean (I know different position), who was homegrown as well. Brilliant. $70 million on a pathological diver.
  2. Sami Khedira

    Man, you guys are ruthless !!! Looks like the Juve management’s modus operandi is rubbing off on the Tuz faithful.
  3. Paulo Dybala

    Missed a lot of the conversations. Have we really accepted £62 million from Tottenham?
  4. Paulo Dybala

    This may sound insensitive but I can’t stop laughing.
  5. Paulo Dybala

    Appears to be clinically depressed. I’m not really a Psychiatrist - do we have any on Tuz? 1565064241 Perhaps a personality disorder
  6. Merih Demiral

    Maybe we should just gift all our best players to all our rivals.
  7. Paulo Dybala

    What’s worse is Dybala possibly moving to Inter as per football Italia 1564617377 This looks like karma for our arrogant attitude
  8. Maurizio Sarri

    Out of curiosity, what type of job was Sarri doing during his banking days. Was he a bank president or a janitor (all due respects to janitors who do a very difficult job)?
  9. Paulo Dybala

    What are the Italian blogs/forums saying about this potential fiasco?
  10. Paulo Dybala

    It almost feels that there is something fishy going on. What does the management see in Lukaku apart from trying to sabotage Inter's deal.
  11. Paulo Dybala

    Almost feels like Man U are blackmailing us with some dirty guilty secret.
  12. Paulo Dybala

    Keeps on getting worse: Dybala + Mandzukic + cash for Lukaku (although it appears that The Sun is exaggerating it).
  13. Paulo Dybala

    I'm beginning to doubt Paratici and Nedved's IQ level.
  14. Merih Demiral

    First Caldara and now possibly Demiral. Not to mention the Benatia fiasco. We don’t seem to learn. On a human level, we are behaving like slave traders.
  15. Wojciech Szczęsny

    As much as I like Buffon, no Szczesny should retain the number 1 jersey. No sentiment. No one is bigger than the club. Buffon should know this better than anyone else; Buffon is on borrowed time anyway (as a GK).
  16. Michel Platini

    Lots of Platini haters here. I was a kid when he was at Juve. IMHO, he was one of the very best players Juve ever had. Better than anyone we have now, bar probably Ronaldo. I still believe he is a Juventino at heart.
  17. L' Angolo del nuovo manager...lasciate ogni speranza voi ch'entrate

    Inter merda have 55 million fans worldwide?? That’s more than double we have. 1559850478 Garbage journalism
  18. New Juve coach: The Last Chapter

    So from next season, we could thrash every team 5-0 but also get thrashed 0-5 as well.
  19. New Juve coach: The Last Chapter

    The last time we got a coach who liked to play attractive football, was Gigi Maifredi 1990-91. We lost 5-1 to Napoli in the season opener, which was the supercoppa. We also finished 7th in Serie A that yr.
  20. New Juve coach: The Last Chapter

    As much as I dislike him, he did just win the EL. Lippi, Trapattoni and Zoff are the only Juve coaches who have ever won any European silverware with Juve.