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  1. Stefano Sturaro

    This is alarm worthy case though, the joke about dressing room chaos maybe true after all.
  2. Stefano Sturaro

    Since every human has an IQ score then yeah, just a matter of how high the IQ is. How much football IQ do you think messi and cr7 have?
  3. Stefano Sturaro

    heh, he's such a big game player :vidal:
  4. Stefano Sturaro

    nocerino? how about momo sissoko?
  5. Stefano Sturaro

    Sturaro is underused and under rated, the guy saved our ass against madrid and bayern yet somehow many still think he's not juve material, he's similar to morata in the way he showed up and made difference in the biggest games.
  6. Stefano Sturaro

    much better than nargi :P
  7. Stefano Sturaro

    I just pointed the reason why we should avoid 3-5-2/5-3-2 and who knows really... maybe our coaching team scared of MSN and decide to play with 3 CBs... also doing what pedroflu suggested is what I really want to see, bring on pirlo when we need to slow down the game, but starting the game...
  8. Stefano Sturaro

    how can you expect to exploit set pieces when you were likely pinned down on own penalty box for most of the match? with 5-3-2 and pirlo that is very very likely to happen, we struggled in such fashion against lazio, and it's gonna be against barca :sergio:
  9. Stefano Sturaro

    This Please euromaxx grow some balls and drop pirlo from starting xi in the final, play with such fantastic four midfielders and no pussy 5-3-2 :sergio: don't be your typical italian pussy crap like conte and play into barca's game; we need to play with such ferocious style like last night not...
  10. Stefano Sturaro

    :lol: was that mean as an insult? vidal just can't move like that even when he was our top scorer; neither marchisio has sturaro aggression and such quick transition and acceleration to attack, I suppose pogba could move that way but pogba is not as aggressive in defense and I haven't seen...
  11. Stefano Sturaro

    Seriously, I don't recall any of pogba vidal marchisio pereyra asamoah did what sturaro just did, he defended like vidal and could still quickly turn around and charge forward like messi lol The kind of player and play style that would make catenaccio so effective and fearsome
  12. Stefano Sturaro

    Holy shit :delpiero: did not expect him to be this good!
  13. Stefano Sturaro

    :tup especially for a nobody now if only we can do a zamparini and fool some oil club for 50 million euros :rofl: