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  1. JuveJay

    Maurizio Sarri

    You had your chance. You didn't take it.
  2. JuveJay

    [ICC] JUVENTUS 2-3 Tottenham [July 21st, 2019]

    You expected something else? After one week of training and 90 minutes of football we should be in prime physical and tactical condition.
  3. JuveJay

    [ICC] JUVENTUS 2-3 Tottenham [July 21st, 2019]

    Sounds like a Greek tragedy.
  4. JuveJay

    [ICC] JUVENTUS 2-3 Tottenham [July 21st, 2019]

    Don't worry, our fitness will be worse than yours, and no doubt you'll see kids second half.
  5. JuveJay

    Merih Demiral

    BTW he'll stay with the team after this game, the Chinese gave him a visa.
  6. JuveJay

    The Financial Situation

    Entertainment & Sports Programming Network
  7. JuveJay

    Leonardo Bonucci

  8. JuveJay

    Merih Demiral

    With Rugani and Bonucci being so passive they allowed Ajax to camp on the edge of our penalty area and we ended up defending the six yard box on most of their attacks, it put us under immense pressure going so deep, both in defence and midfield. The goal we conceded through Cancelo's...
  9. JuveJay

    Merih Demiral

    Was it a raise or just an extension? I'm presuming you understand amortisation but maybe not. Him being "useless" is also subjective, but for this season with the way we are likely to play you may be right. Mandzukic in the system we played for the last few years was a criminally underrated...
  10. JuveJay

    [ICC] JUVENTUS 2-3 Tottenham [July 21st, 2019]

    So it's on Premier Sports? Cool. About time these fuckers did something useful.
  11. JuveJay

    Merih Demiral

    We need to stop balancing the books? Lol. Obviously we have other players who we would shift first in an ideal world, but this is reality, selling older players on good money for fees that will actually make a difference ia tough work.
  12. JuveJay

    La Liga 2019/20

    Be surprised if it isn't them. Who else can afford close to his salary who would actually want him?
  13. JuveJay

    [ICC] JUVENTUS 2-3 Tottenham [July 21st, 2019]

    There are two possibilities after this vitally important game: 1) Delirious enthusiasm 2) Manic depression
  14. JuveJay

    Gonzalo Higuaín

    It's the Ebola triangle.
  15. JuveJay

    João Cancelo

    And this is why you never keep players who want to leave.
  16. JuveJay

    Gonzalo Higuaín

    Icardi / \ Higuain -- Dzeko Horrible, isn't it?
  17. JuveJay

    Gonzalo Higuaín

    Well we signed the coach of the team where he was going to be sold to so...
  18. JuveJay

    Matthijs de Ligt

  19. JuveJay

    Premier League 2019/20

  20. JuveJay

    AutoBeauty of the Day

    Thought it was a Dodge at first glance.