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  1. World Cup 2022 LIVE thread

    That human eye view is replaced by bird eye view.
  2. World Cup 2022 LIVE thread

    Can't understand whether there was any conclusive angle that the ball didn't go out.
  3. Board & Management

    Or it has been concealed like the payments to Ronaldo?
  4. Board & Management

    Why is it only juve management phones are tapped? I don't know about Right to privacy existing in Italy.
  5. World Cup 2022 LIVE thread

    Szczesny in the form of his life.
  6. Andrea "Il Bruco Brutto" Agnelli

    Is the 34 million euros secret payment made to Ronaldo during covid?
  7. Board & Management

    The analysis of seized documents and the statements of some witnesses have highlighted other off-balance sheet debts. Cherubini, heard on 29/11/21, says that there was a "€6-7 million debt with Atalanta" that would wasn't registered. [CorSera)
  8. Board & Management

    I don't know how they are going to prove this in court unless Ronaldo secret document has been found or there is false accounting used to hide the losses.
  9. Andrea "Il Bruco Brutto" Agnelli

    At the most it will be slap on the wrist in most countries except italy these things are impossible to prove in the court unless it is related to false accounting information.
  10. Board & Management

    John Elkann officially confirms that Massimiliano Allegri will not leave the club because he is "a fundamental part of the Juventus project and we are confident he will win again". @FabrizioRomano
  11. Andrea "Il Bruco Brutto" Agnelli

    Agnelli was at risk of being arrested and was forced to resign. The choice of the board of directors of Juventus was a way of saying to the Turin prosecutor's office, "Ok, we understand, we'll step aside". The lawyers advised this route. [Libero]
  12. Andrea "Il Bruco Brutto" Agnelli

    The relaunch of Juventus would be given to Allegri and Cherubini, but without any new capital increase the January mercato will be without any bangs. In the bianconero environment a return of Nedved would not be excluded. [@Gazzetta_it)
  13. Andrea "Il Bruco Brutto" Agnelli

    What are the risks to Juventus? Don't panic and overreact. At this moment we are talking about nothing mixed with nil." [@romeoagresti)
  14. Andrea "Il Bruco Brutto" Agnelli

    Will Max Allegri leave too? As of today there are no more men left in the management who chose him”… @romeoagresti
  15. Andrea "Il Bruco Brutto" Agnelli

    Welcome to the kangaroo courts of Italy where scientists are convicted for imprisonment for failing to predict an earthquake.
  16. Andrea "Il Bruco Brutto" Agnelli

    These things don't happen at other clubs like the Osimhen transfer to napoli.
  17. Andrea "Il Bruco Brutto" Agnelli

    This morning technical meeting at Juventus attended by Allegri, Cherubini and the sports management area (which remains the same even after tonight’s event) to decide the next transfer market. The idea is to change the team as little as possible. @SkySport
  18. Andrea "Il Bruco Brutto" Agnelli

    I do think something serious has happened for him to resign as Agnelli looks like the most stubborn person to do so unless pushed.
  19. Andrea "Il Bruco Brutto" Agnelli

    Badass Allegri it's time to go.
  20. Andrea "Il Bruco Brutto" Agnelli

    Again how to prove such things in court unless there is something related to accounting issues.