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  1. For the gamers in here =)

    i am a true Championship Manager fan and perhaps there are some of them in here also. So me and my 3 friends decided to make a site+forum for all the Cm fans out there. in right time b4 the latest version (CM4) releases. This place is where u can hangout, talk tactics, players, teams...
  2. Wtf? is under protection from a denial of service attack. You may get this warning from time to time, just refresh the page in a couple seconds. that never turned up b4, wtf is that... its fricking annoying... i get it all the time and it takes ages to look around on the board...
  3. how about this?

    who is the guy installing the hacks on this board? was wondering if that guy wanted to install a better version of the reply box (that ive got). it includes the smilies in the reply box... just like when u make a new thread. what ya think?
  4. Suggestion

    how about get some christmas smileys now when its christmas? :)
  5. The place to hangout?

    this section is for people to hang out in ;)... then this would be a good place to make a msn list... :) would be nice to have alot of juve lovers in my list... so i will start by writing mine :) [email protected] :angel:
  6. To the board admins

    :confused: i got an idéa of a thing we could have on this board... why dont ya guys/girls make a suggestion part on this forum? how to improve site/board... just an idéa cya dudes... forza juventus and this board :)
  7. What ya think of the webby we got? tell me what you think of it... its built of 2 different systems... LDU+ vbb b4 it was html + vbb
  8. Plz i want ur comments

    just started to make some wallpapers for my school work... what ya think of this wallpaper i started at... its 20% done... still lots to do but hey its a start at least... hehe :eek::confuse d:
  9. Juventus - Lazio

    well... b4 this great and very hard game... we have to meet Basel in the champions league cup also. That game will make us tired cuz it wont be easy for us i think. Juve is back in their yearly troubles and The Juve-Lazio game will be a hard game. I Think Lazio will take the game in their...