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  1. polaris

    PS2 gran turrismo 3 question....

    anyone know if you can have more than one save game on a mem card for grand turrismo 3? I cant figure out where to set it up, if its possible at all. :confused:
  2. polaris

    K-os excellent hiphop artist from Canada. Check his new video there and look for his older songs. He also does accoustic sets with a guitar and drummer which appeals to a lot of people
  3. polaris


    I love the way he deals with the media. He Never lets anyone know what he is thinking. Re: Kapo "If we think he is a good player then we could look at him." :howler::star: also.... "We are not selling Trezeguet or Pavel Nedved," concluded Moggi. Which is simply a ploy! If we...
  4. polaris

    Captains before Alex

    I am wondering who were the offical captains before DP. There was no internet or TV coverage here back then so I dont remember seeing anything other than the scores in the paper on sundays and mondays. :groan: I believe it was Conte before Alex, but before that Im not sure. Baggio? If so...
  5. polaris

    2004/05 Juventus jersey

    Maybe someone can go to this shop if they live near it Here is the kit Would be better if the logo was on the side like this Barca one :groan: