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  1. polaris

    Official : Di Vaio sold to Valencia

    Aimar was not always first team choice so he might leave
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    Maresca to Fiorentina?

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    Del Piero taking drugs?

    no, its does not. Creatine Phosphate is a source of energy used to restore the fuel used in sprinting/short duration movements. Creatine It is safe to take , unlike many of the banned substances. I agree it is an unatural source, which is the case for banning it. The issue is then you must...
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    Del Piero taking drugs?

    EPO promotes increase of red blood cells. Creatine aids only in training and recovery, and not directly to a performance factor so there is a large difference. The case for banning creatine is as strong as the one for not banning it, so either choice is acceptable. The issue is screening for...
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    Del Piero taking drugs?

    Its not performance enhancing in an unatural way. creatine helps ONLY with training. It allows faster recovery during weight training which allows you to work out more. Ban it if you want but it is not a blatant doping situation such as hormones or stimulants. creatine is not effective on...
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    Moggi Will Announce Something Big

    :D A few whispers into Gila's ear that Juve want him and he will ask for a transfer I think. Now that Di Vaio is gone it will attact him even more, knowing he has good chances to play.
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    Official : Di Vaio sold to Valencia

    Im sure its not just the players of Parma that are wanted by other clubs.
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    Maresca to Fiorentina?

    I dont understand how Maresca is just avearage as some people are suggesting. He was a top rated midfielder last year by many media outlets, and the year before was even better rated. A major part of the U-21 team, and is now READY to have his chance with a big club. If last year was the...
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    Official : Di Vaio sold to Valencia

    as long as you know how to handle a big tool back to the topic...Pippo was born offside, as said by Alex Ferguson hah. Di Vaio is offside often because of his pace, but his finnish is MUCH worse than Pippo. Give Pippo some chances and he will score. Di Vaio needs twice as many chances...
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    Moggi you're amazing - Mexes to Juve in the next few days!

    Roma has fallen VERY short on their recapitalization attempt and may not be allowed to sign any players for next season. Nothing is final until Auxere agree to terms and that will not happen for a few weeks. Still, little hope of Mexes to Juve unless Moggi knows Roma is going into the tank and...
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    Official : Di Vaio sold to Valencia

    Juve was not the place for Marco. Liga is suited for him so go tear it up there! Come back like Bobo, even tho it will hurt Juventini. We will do it for the Azzurri ;)
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    Maresca to Fiorentina?

  13. polaris

    Moggi you're amazing - Mexes to Juve in the next few days!

    Do it Moggi. I love to make Roma suffer :D
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    Barcelona are becoming new Inter on Transfers

    Barca is replacing players that are leaving. Out: Kluivert, Overmars, Cocu, Rezhiger, Davids In: Bellati, Silvinho, Giuly, Deco, Larrson Look at their sqaud. They only have TWO true forwards in Larrson and Saviola. If Juve had such a sqaud, you would be yelling at Moggi to sign more...
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    The Legend has left the Building :(

    He will ALWAYS be Zalagol even if never scores again! :D
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    Juventus under pressure

    To be clear, The doctors are on trial, not Juventus as there has been no charges/evidence the club knew what was happening. Some sport doctors become unethical just like players and coaches may be. Also, WADA is an independent organization but of course the IOC supports it, as do many other...
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    New kits and NEW JUVE LOGO?

    OK. I like the new logo. At least they have not made an ugly one. I wish the crown was yellow however. Not crazy about the new home shirt....the stripers are a bit too thick without the styling the last Lotto one had to make it seem nice. Blue kit is wicked.
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    UEFA Euro 2004 Fantasy Football

    Submit to Beaver FC! :strong: :D
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    Very hard to say that I feel. Zlatan does not score a lot. His goal average is only 0.42 last time I saw it, and plays in a much weaker league than Gilardino. Also I dont think he is good enough to play as a lone striker where Gilardino has shown he is.
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    Carvalho :) ?

    :thumb: If there is anything you can take from Moggi's words about transfers, its that he will be the opposite of what he says. And he never tells anyone in the meida what he is thinking. Moggi watched 'The Godfather' and took the lessons from there :D