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  1. Maresca

    Mark Schwarzer to Juve

    Juve: preso il vice-Buffon, l'australiano Schwarzer 03 05 2008 La Juventus ha trovato il vice-Buffon. La società ha infatti chiuso con il portiere Mark Schwarzer, 36 anni del Middlesbrough. I bianconeri hanno giocato d'anticipo assicurandosi il giocatore in scadenza di contratto. Schwarzer è...
  2. Maresca

    I was in Rome

    Last weekend, we had an internal football tourement of the company I work for employes of all over europe.. This was my first visit to Rome. Now I love Italy and italian people even more.. the life in Italy is just great. the girls are the best and sexiest in the world.. I was such a great...
  3. Maresca

    The official player numbers thread

    In the last weeks I was thinking of the player numbers at juve, seeing that we are linked with so many players, and the fact that we already bought Iaquinta, Almiron and Tiago, it is intersting to discuss abouth the jersey numbers they could, should or might have.. the most intersting Nr. IMO...
  4. Maresca

    Matuzalem goal

    I am not sure if there already a thread for that.. but this goal definitly deserves an own thread.. enjoy enjoy:pint:
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    Juve musik

  6. Maresca

    Foavourite Musik

  7. Maresca

    Goodbye Romeo

    Goodbye Romeo Juventus is in mourning today. At around 8 o’clock last night, Francesco Romeo passed away at the Candiolo Institute for the Research and the Cure of Cancer. Romeo was the most decorated kit-man in the whole of Italy, if not Europe. Juventus was his home, his family, always...
  8. Maresca

    5 most curios goals in history enjoy them:D
  9. Maresca

    Ice cream Spot with Byron Moreno in Korea Video: in Corea impazza la parodia di Byron Moreno 04 10 2006 Un eroe nazionale, o quasi. Nonostante siano passati anni da quel famigerato Italia-Corea conclusasi con l'eliminazione degli azzurri di Trapattoni, in Corea, torna...
  10. Maresca

    Gianluigi Buffon

    Niente Milan, Buffon resta alla Juve 19 07 2006 Gigi Buffon Grazia NeriDopo aver incassato il sì di Alex De Piero, la dirigenza bianconera ha ottenuto anche da Gigi Buffon la garanzia della sua permanenza in Serie B. Il numero uno della Nazionale italiana campione del Mondo era corteggiato...
  11. Maresca

    shock for Greece: suspention from FIFA

    FIFA suspends the Hellenic Football Federation The FIFA Emergency Committee, composed of five presidents and one representative of each of the six confederations, today (3 July 2006) decided to suspend the Hellenic Football Federation (HFF), having determined that the situation of the HFF is...
  12. Maresca


    In this thread you can conguratulate our juve legend Maresca. Now he is a legend also for Sevilla and sevilla fans. I just hope Capello and Moggi watched the game yesterday, I just hope they realised what a big mistake they have done selling this champion. Did you see how emotional Enzo was...
  13. Maresca

    la Triade will stay

    Juve, la Triade resta 21 03 2006 Antonio Giraudo, Luciano Moggi, Roberto Bettega: la Juve non cambia, la Triade resta assieme al tecnico Fabio Capello. Venerdì sarà ufficiale: dopo numerose anticipazioni giunte a inizio febbraio, venerdì, a margine del Consiglio di amministrazione...
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    Hi people, we "Kurds" are celbrating today and tomorow our biggest Fest. It is the new year for us Kurds :weee: . This Fest is calles Newroz we have today the last day of the year 2617, and tomorow is at the same time the first day of Spring and of the new year 2618. So happy Newroz for me...
  15. Maresca

    where is Holygr4le??

    for some unknown reasons Jon has not been here for about a month.. I really miss him here and his posts. does anybody know where he is..????
  16. Maresca

    [Serie A] Messina - Juventus

    Saturday 18:00 cet so people, after this great victory against Inter we will have another away game against Messina.. a must win game. it could be diffecult though
  17. Maresca

    Juve Channel

    Ad agosto nasce Juve Channel 02 02 2006 Anche la Juventus avrà il suo canale televisivo dedicato come già avviene per Inter, Milan e Roma. La Juve e la Rai hanno trovato l'accordo per la creazione di Juve Channel, televisione che inizierà le trasmissioni ad agosto e sarà messo in onda molto...
  18. Maresca

    What does this forum mean for you??

    I have been a Juve fan for such a long time. But I am not only a fan, for me juve is much bigger of team, which I support. Every time juve loses or has diffecult time, I suffer, and I get sad..sometimes when juve plays on Saturday, and they do not win, the whole weekend is bad then for me...
  19. Maresca

    Beckham Vs. Juve fan

    May be you know it allready, but it is really funny:
  20. Maresca

    What is wrong with our Forum

    Hey people, I have noticed somthing in this forum in the last weeks. Everybody who hears any news, opens a new thread. I have seen so many threads about wish-Players in the Transfer-News Sector. I have no overlook anymore. there are 3 or 4 threads about sagnol for example!! this is really bad...