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  1. Almajhool

    Bianconeri century team

  2. Almajhool

    Thoughts about the team

    Hey fellas It’s been a long time since I last post here .. and I’m glad I’m back in a good time like this for juve. It’s an impressive start for juve this year, thu, I don’t think we are at our peak yet but we’re getting there .. Defense, 4 games no goals in .. sweet all I can say ...
  3. Almajhool

    If u were the AZzurri Coach

    lets imagine that u r in charge of the azzurri for one match ... who r the players u'll choose ( max 22 ) and what formation and players u'll start with ... for myself ... i would choose Goli : Buffon, Toldo, Abbiati Defenders: Nesta, Canavaro, Coco, Albertini, Maldini ( must be...
  4. Almajhool

    How Can i check if i have a virus or not ..

    Hi guys, i think all of us have seen this once in a while ... it's really driving me crazy ...:eek::dazed: i have norton antivirus 03 .. and from time to time, i have an alarm that says i have a virus in one of my folders .. usually, the virus has a W32 as its name ... anyway, when i...
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    Bianconeri century team

    hi guys .. i came accross this pic in the last week ... it gives juve century team w/ players 3 players choosen in each position .. i think it'll be interesting enough that we shall see some different opionions goin on ... though .. opionions should differ from one to another ...
  6. Almajhool

    Special for My 100th Post

    hi guys ... i came across this pic the other day .. and i'm wondered if someone is really interested in buying it ... :D:D:D
  7. Almajhool

    Aziz is back again with his CoOoL Pic ..

    :Dhi guys ... hope u find the first pic ... cool .. the one from the WC 02 .. if u like that one .. i bet u'll like this .. enjoy .. waitin for ur replies which i hope it answers this question .. do u think this guy can have $ex anymore ..:D:D
  8. Almajhool

    Calcio Oscars Announced

    The famed "Oscar del Calcio" were announced today for the previous season and David Trezeguet stole the headlines as he won the awards for Best Foreign Player and Best Overall Player. Chievo Verona's Luigi Del Neri won the Best Trainer award. Here is the complete list of awards: Best Referee...
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    Serie A in the US

    Hi guys ... i know this topic has been discuessed for long time ... but still there is no answer to it ... is there any chanel that broadcast Serie A here in the us ... i'm tired of calling different cable providers and still have the same answer NO ... so i decided to make this...
  10. Almajhool

    One of the best pictures from WC 02

    Hi guys .. i want to share this piece of art w/ u Enjoy :D:cool::D
  11. Almajhool

    Attention .. Introducing oobi

    Hi guys ... i would like to introduce to u .. a new juventuz members and an old juve fan ... a person so special in being jerk :D:D .... all the time here is oobi .. my rommie and one of the best friends u will find in colorado .. anyway .. oobi ... i'll let u introduce ur...
  12. Almajhool

    Majed .. this is to u

    Hi all ... This thread is for those who wants to congrats me on my new jersey ... and it's also for Majed ( sadly he was my classmate ) beside that he is one of my best friends .. ( la t9deg ) anyway ... the reason for the pic. below is bcoz i'm sick of Majed speakin about the...