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  1. hoshi

    Hayley's big awesome news

    *drum roll* I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!! :cheesy: :extatic: :cheesy: :extatic: :cheesy: :extatic: Man, I'm so excited :D Anyways, I just wanted to share it with you guys. If you want details I'm happy to share :)
  2. hoshi

    Miss me?

    Hi y'all :) I've been on a 7-week net fast, partilly cuz I've been out of town, and partially cuz I was wondering what life was like without being plugged in all the time. But now I'm back, and I have absolutely no way of catching up with the thousands of missed posts that have gone on :) Ah...
  3. hoshi

    If you'll indulge me...

    Hi all. Just having a bit of a sad afternoon, Anthony just flew out to Sydney, which is aaaages away (everything is ages away from Perth but that's beside the point) and I miss him :down: Won't see him again for a fortnight. So I needed to vent. Thankyou for listening :)
  4. hoshi


    I thought hard about this dedication, what with it being my first an' all. And I thought, I want to mention everyone who makes my time here so enjoyable. But more than that, it seems appropriate to mention the players whom without which there would be no point being here in the first place...
  5. hoshi

    au revoir (easter break)

    What's everyone doing over easter? (If, of course, it is a holiday in your corner of the globe.) I'm heading east, into WA's wheatbelt, for church camp. Should be good stuff. See you all on Tuesday :)
  6. hoshi

    Juve still Italy's fave team

    Juventus Still Italy's Most Popular Team 03/04/2003. According to a scientific survey by ACNielsen CRA, Juventus still have the largest fan-base in Italy by quite some measure. The titans from Turin are supported by approximately 9,700,000 of Italian football fans above the age of six...
  7. hoshi

    bored bored bored

    forgive me... i'm so bored :( everyone is at school or working and i'm alone in the house with my doggie. and he's asleep. so i'm just blowing off steam here, really. ignore this thread. but for interest's sake, here's a pic.
  8. hoshi

    Post counts?

    Just curious, have the post counts gone down a tad since Juventuz mercifully came back online? I remember Martin reaching 1E5 ;) and I think I was on 600-ish...
  9. hoshi

    The rape and pillage of Rareware

    Is anyone else a fan of the English game developers Rare? They developed exclusively for Nintendo until about a fortnight ago, when Microsoft bought them. All of the games they were developing have either disappeared or changed almost beyond recognition. It's also due to Nintendo's...
  10. hoshi

    Moreno ban

    I found this at Byron Moreno, the referee in charge of Italy's controversial defeat to South Korea at the World Cup, will challenge the 20-match ban he was given following an Ecuadorian league match. Moreno took charge of the Campeonato Serie A match between Deportiva...