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  1. hoshi

    CL: Juventus - Galatasaray

    I'm soooooo excited about this :extatic: Can't wait to see us show these ladies what for (And seeing we're playing at home and not wearing pink we have no excuse for playing like girls.)
  2. hoshi

    Hayley's big awesome news

    Thanks for your well-wishes, guys :) I know I'm a little young but I'm sure the Lord will bless it anyways. (Yeah, I'm 19, but not for long, which is good because I'm tired of being a teenager. But I digress.) Yep Martin, it's the same guy as before, so with any luck I'll be able to turn...
  3. hoshi

    Hayley's big awesome news

    *drum roll* I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!! :cheesy: :extatic: :cheesy: :extatic: :cheesy: :extatic: Man, I'm so excited :D Anyways, I just wanted to share it with you guys. If you want details I'm happy to share :)
  4. hoshi


    I wasn't a big Totti fan, but after that book of jokes came out, I think he's actually not so bad. I'm even willing to buy that he truly got injured. He's pretty self-assured, true, and a whinger, but at the same time I think that can just be a product of his celebrity.
  5. hoshi

    Players and Families and Girlfriends

    Teehee.... Totti looks so goofy in that pic :)
  6. hoshi

    Little Al should be banned...

    dj, your nick changes every time I come here :stress: Little Al, good to know I've found a partner in beating Majed up :D
  7. hoshi

    Little Al should be banned...

    Bring it on, you say..... fine then! :fero: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: Had enough, punk? ;)
  8. hoshi

    Little Al should be banned...

    Muahahahahaha..... already my evil empire is coming to fruition :devil:
  9. hoshi

    next friendly: Germany vs. Italy

    What a shame :( Maybe would have sth since Bobo scored, but that would require actually going to the sacrifices we make *sigh*
  10. hoshi

    next friendly: Germany vs. Italy

    Does anyone have any pictures from the match? All I have is this one. Check it out, Bobo's turning in to a pretty boy. (In all honesty that's why I want more pics, to see how much he looks like Totti.) Also.... vids of Vieri's goal, or any of Gigi's saves, would be much appreciated if...
  11. hoshi

    Little Al should be banned...

    Hi there to Majed's little brother. With any luck I won't have to beat you up too ;) And Majed: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :fero: ;)
  12. hoshi

    Where got the prettiest girls?

    oi :fero: (sorry, only just found this thread) Actually I think that's a bit of a stereotype... most of us Ausie gals wear bras. I've only gone without maybe once or twice in the last year and I'm pretty sure I'm in the majority. Sorry to bring you down there :D
  13. hoshi

    Disgruntled Fabio

    Ya know, some days I almost feel sorry for them.
  14. hoshi

    The 'Misquote the Person Above You' Thread

    Wowww... vit... great to see you back :extatic:
  15. hoshi

    Friends-The Final Season

    Should be cool. Joey's always been my fave character (except in the first season, he was a little weird back then.)
  16. hoshi

    Yum Yum

    Oh, sorry SpeD, didn't reply :) Hmmm... actually it wasn't a very appealing thought when it came to me, Vinnie Jones taking off his clothes scares me
  17. hoshi

    Yum Yum

    I see :totti: being the one who's always sulking in a corner about how noone wants to talk to him :cheesy:
  18. hoshi

    !!! 10 Years.........!!!

    Me in 10 years... probably married with one kid, and a huge pregnant tummy
  19. hoshi

    Yum Yum

    Things come to a head in the third week when the housemates fail BB's task of the week, meaning that Ale and Pippo have to be tied together for 72 hours. Actually for some reason I see these guys playing strip poker :eek:
  20. hoshi

    Can You See Del Piero In Another Club?

    Jun-hide - I love Japan, and Jinglish (or as we always learnt it, "Japlish") and all the little idiosyncracies :) I was trying to translate the whole paragraph on that pic but my kanji has gone so far downhill since I stopped studying :down: kanjiga nigate....