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  1. Patricia

    Some weird shit!

    Tha last One is really cool!
  2. Patricia

    Are you afraid of death?

    yeah... me too... It most be horrible die in the sea.... without breathing....:eek:
  3. Patricia

    Although i hate him but i think he is better than DP

    Totti is playing better right now than DP, but I don't think he is ever gonna reach the game of Dp.... 4 me dp is a legend......
  4. Patricia

    Yay, Merry Christmas!!!!

    Hi every1!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!:angel:This year was so quick!:lazy: I'm gettin old!:scared: ;)
  5. Patricia

    top ten rock artists of time

    He has an amazing voice:eek::D
  6. Patricia

    top ten rock artists of time

    I love your avatar Jhon:angel:I like Chirs Cornell and of course Audioslave very much :)
  7. Patricia

    MTV's VMA

    Yeah:eek: 50: 4 Justin: 3 ;)
  8. Patricia

    Happy birthday to....

    Happy birthday!!!:D I hope I am not too late:down::confused::D
  9. Patricia

    New Juventus Stadium

    I like it :)
  10. Patricia

    New Juventus Stadium

    I don't know, I have never been to the Delle Alpi befor, But I think I got your idea.... I really don't know how will they do that:confused:
  11. Patricia

    ¿Hablas Español?

    :LOL: :LOL: q foto tan comica!:D
  12. Patricia

    New Juventus Stadium

    I heard it will have a trophy room and a "hisrtory" room.. Maybe like a museum or something:confused: and I heard that the chairs will be closer to the pitch:confused:
  13. Patricia

    Just 4 Fun !

    I can't post my pic here, because my scanner scans de picture and send it to "paint" I cannot fix that and you cannot post a pic from "Paint" :down: But if you want I can send you an email with my picture :D
  14. Patricia

    Just 4 Fun !

    I am NAVY :D You are atractive , and love your life. You have a strong feeling towards everything. And very easily distracted. Once you get angry at someone, it's hard for you to forgive them. Jajajaja:flirt: ;)
  15. Patricia

    Hate more? Milan or Inter?

    I do not hate any both. ;)I just dislike Milan, but not from a technical or futbolistic perspective, more like a personal thing. I do not stand many of the players, and every time Juve looses with this team, my AC milan fan's friends laugh.:groan: And well because of the CL final, it is not that...
  16. Patricia

    New Juventus Stadium

    I thought that too:confused::D
  17. Patricia

    Hi all

    Welcome!!! Nice nick.....:D
  18. Patricia

    David Beckham Recieves Death Treats!!!

  19. Patricia

    Fire Chimenti

    I think he is a good goalkepper, I mean, he makes a lot of terribles mistakes, but... What can U espect form a backup goalkeeper???
  20. Patricia

    David Beckham Recieves Death Treats!!!

    Oh God!! I hate beckham but nobody deserves this kind of treament:eek: I hope he is not in real trouble:frown: