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  1. Dhaliwich

    How deep is your love?

    How deep is your love? Uli Hesse-Lichtenberger My last column didn't exactly sit well with a few die-hard Bayern supporters. Uli has never seen Kip Wells of the Pirates in the flesh but he's still a fan, ok? (Photography/GettyImages) Yet their e-mails of complaint were a tad unfair...
  2. Dhaliwich

    My town blew up!

    Last Wednesday a fireworks factory blew up in the western part of my home town. I just saw a video of the big explosion is posted on and thought you guys should know the story behind it. If you haven’t seen it yet, here is a link (requires quicktime to play)...
  3. Dhaliwich

    What happened to Bangsbo?

    What was Bangsbo's fate after Lippi quit and Capello took over? Unfortunetly I don't get to see too many Juve matches, therefor I can't see if Bangsbo should still be sitting on the sideline. Does anyone know if he's still there, or if other coaches and persional left with Lippi?
  4. Dhaliwich

    Free online management game?

    I'm a big Championship manager fan, and I've always wanted to play an online management game (for free, cause I'm a poor student) where you can buy, sell and pick a team, with italien players from the serie A. Does anyone know of such a thing, if someone do then maybe it would be fun to...
  5. Dhaliwich

    Juve supporter, or player supporter?

    This is something me and my friends discussed for a long time last. Lets just imagine that your favorite player for some reason decided to move to, lets just say Milan. (Iknow it sounds like the end of the world) Would you then convert to the red/black (milan) side? Or would you simple dump...
  6. Dhaliwich

    Why is Juve called "The old lady"?

    Just something I have always been wondering about. I'm studying Latin in school, and as far as I know Juventus (In danish) means: The young or something like that. And that it was a title given to brave soldiers back when Julius Caesar was running things in Italy, and half of Europe. So how did...