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  1. [Serie A] Genoa 0-2 JUVENTUS (21-Nov-2010)

    Ahh ok cool, thanks :), wasnt lucky enuff to catch the match, just saw highlghts on youtube :( I though it was Sali :) FORZA JUVE
  2. [Serie A] Genoa 0-2 JUVENTUS (21-Nov-2010)

    Oh and im not sure if this has been asked previously here somewhere but who did Krasic run to celebrate his goal with?
  3. [Serie A] Genoa 0-2 JUVENTUS (21-Nov-2010)

    Man i good to be back to these forums!! :) How bout Dzsudzsak? Damn hard to spell that guys name...
  4. [Serie A] Palermo 2-0 Juventus, Oct 4th, 2009

    WAT THE F*CK is happenin to our team?? I have been watching every game of Juve's except last nights, and I predicted we were goin to struggle against Palermo. WAT THE HELL is wrong with Ferrara? He consistantly plays Iaquinta with Amauri, which two strikers who i believe CAN NOT create their own...
  5. Xabi Alonso

    Is there any cristiano ronaldo thread around?? or any "the world's most over rated player" thread???
  6. Transfer rumours about players leaving Juve

    damn... this thing is giving me a headache.. juz want it to be all over.. shit.. but yea, there will definately be sum dissapointments... hmm.. its a loss-loss situation...
  7. New Starting Line-up?

    holly crap... frm wat i see.. u guisse are 100% sure Buffon is gone.... shit...
  8. Question...

    I've always loved and had that striker mentality, but when i was in a first official team U-16s my coach played me as a RB and push me up as a winger (much like cafu), always coming off the bench for the first 3-4 games. In one game i couldn't take it no more, i couldn't play RB, we were...
  9. juventus player with the worse goal celebrations

    Maresca v torino - classic celebration Dp against madrid 2003/2004 when he fooled Hierro, celebrations was awsome
  10. 9th August Juve vs Roma

    i just hope no one gets injured, dats the most important thing outta this match for me. Ofcourse only for juve :D
  11. Best Music Video Clip

    Hate it or love it - The Game maad shit
  12. Mutu or Cassano?

  13. New signings

    WOOOOW..slow down..TAcchi is on the move?! and Zambrotta aint goin anywhere right?
  14. should liverpool be allowed into next seasons Champions league

    um but didnt they play in the CL anyways the following season??
  15. The Most Hated Player

    WTF is wrong with Sami Al-Jabar......??:groan::fero::groan::fero::groan::fero::(:(
  16. Campioni!!!!!

    FORZA JUVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS TOO ALL MY FELLOW JUVENTINIS!!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS sooo happy when i herd bout the Milan match!!!!!!!!! FORZAAA JUVEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONLY JUVE FOREVER!!!!!!
  17. The "Always Play Well Against Juve" XI

    Stam and Nesta i say..
  18. For all of you Scarface Lovers(like ME):

    Ey just a thot, would it be out on the XBOX? or only PS2 and PC? to lazy to check.. I hope it is on XBOX too
  19. your all time favourite juve player

    In my eyes, it has to be Zidane and Roberto Baggio. But in my heart it has to be Alessandro Del Piero.
  20. Want to know something really weird? My bday...

    Funny this, everyone's sayin who they share their b'days wit.. Ayte, I share my b'day wit prince William. hehhee it must be a good thing, chicks suck up on me just as much