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  1. Juventino783

    My crazy championship's bet with Sonja[not my bet]

    go to this website, it is a bet
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    Who will be the 'COLPO' from Moggi???

    What do you think who will gonna be the COLPO in the last hour??? I say Chivu, im sure that he will be the colpo with 60%security.
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    Official: Gladstone is from Juve

    Go to there is write that he is our for one year, but we can buy him, and also at they that he is from Juve, he is Brazilian an, he is a defender. He comes on loan, and we can buy him after a year for 2 Millions of Euro, he played also for the...
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    NEED LIVERPOOL-MILAN goals or summary

    the title say everything i need thist goals, i didnt saw the three goals of liverpool
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    Possiblity Gerrard

    In anotheer Juventus FOrum someone opened a thread where he meaned that in summer is the possiblity that GERRARD come from liverpool, and a lot of users said that he is the objective number one of Capello and Moggi, does someone knows something about this??? It is a serious board with serious...
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    Wich program to make Wallpapers

    I want to make a Wallpaper with my idols of football in one wallpaper, wich program is the best to make a wallpaper??? and i would say, that i dont understand nothing from adobe photoshop, but i have it thnk you for every answer
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    Need Juve goals against vs MAdrid with italian commentar

    When someone have it thank you!!
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    Mutu to Livorno (please no panic)

    We have to many extracomunitary people in the squad and so they give Mutu to Livorno for a Time. Probably they sold Tudor or Appiah. It is official and you can look under the lega calcio website, livorno buys Mutu.
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    !!!!!!!!!!Official Mutu is from Juve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Look at they write incredible but true, he is from Juve!!!!!!!! He can begin to play from the 15. May
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    We need someone like Julio César Baptista

    He is from FC Sevilla, before he was Forward but now he is an incrdibel strong Defensive Midfielder, last year he shots 20 goals as Midfielder He is also called 'LA BESTIA', now you know what a kind of player he is!! In this season he shots 8 goals. He can play with Emerson in...
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    Shabani Nonda to Juve!!!???

    Look at this article Shabani Nonda It say that Moggi will sign him and give Miccoli to Deschamps. That will be not good, because i like Miccoli, he is a good dribbler, he has a good shot, freekicks and speed.
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    Football on Internet Radio

    Where can I listen football commentary in italian in the Internet and with wich programm?
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    Europeans Footballer of the year???

    Europeans Footballer of the year does anyone knows the nominated players?? I hope that Adriano will get the price, he is incredible and not a human.
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    Juve Anthems

    do you know where i can download Juve Anthems and Cors?
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    Zambrotta Wallpaper

    Im looking for Zambrotta wallpapers, do you know where i can find that??
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    Online Game CM

    I have an idea, we could make an Online game with the Game Championship Soccer 03/04 (Patch 4.15), i dnot know witch league you want? and i also dont know how to make an online game, can that do one of you?
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    Gaetano Scirea in member

    Today before 15 years dies the libero Gaetano Scirea of Juve and the capitan of the natioanl Team. Here the link I dont know him cause im born in that year.
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    Why two Kits???

    Why have Juve two kits, one in Serie A and one in CL, is it cause the money or so? Please explain it me
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    Juventus Action at

    Is anyone registrate there, here the link I'm a LINK Maybe they they are registrate there can upload something of the Page