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  1. xziz

    Soccer player earnings

    I found this data. The date is april 2002, the source is France Football. Anybody's got more recent/accurate figures? xziz :cheesy:
  2. xziz

    Attendance at Stadio Olimpico in Rome

    Last night attendace at Stadio Olimpico was 150, 75 for Roma and 75 for Bayer Leverkusen; including team players, trainer, substitutes, coaches, journalists, ball pickers, medical and security personnel. of course there were about 250 supporters screaming loud outside the stadium...
  3. xziz

    Davids back to Barcelona?

    from: Davids-Mancini, ai ferri corti Davids-Mancini ready for break-up 25 10 2004 Grazia Neri Che fine ha fatto Edgar Davids? Il 'Pitbull' è arrivato quest'estate a Milano, dopo un lungo tira e molla, e doveva essere uno...
  4. xziz

    Swap Panucci - Legrottaglie

    from: Juve, idea Panucci: ipotesi di scambio con Legrottaglie, gradito a Del Neri Panucci => Juve & LeGrottaglie => Roma, Del Neri likes Lun 25 Ott, 1:00 PM Il rapporto tra Panucci e Del Neri si é incrinato. E così, dopo che il giocatore...
  5. xziz

    Is tott1 ugly?

    Tott1 is ugly? Is he uglier than cassan0? Can his girlfriend stand his ugliness or is he planning to undergo plastic surgery? Do you have picture of his ugliness? Can you post them here? xziz :devil:
  6. xziz

    Fifa 6 Weeks Ban To Mexes

    Ticket to Juventus Champions home game 150€ Annual cable TV subscription including Italian League games 200€ FIFA hassling Roma about the Mexes misdealing PRICELESS :fero: from
  7. xziz


    Do not know if you have seen this already. But I cannnot stop laughing while playing this little Java game. Tott is a fictional player. To win Tott must spit to eleven enemy players running across the field. The reward is a vacation to Sardinia with Illari...
  8. xziz

    Juventus 2004-05 team lineup ( says the new Juventus will play a 4-4-2 as follows: buffon zebina - thuram - cannavaro - zambrotta olivera - blasi - emerson - nedved delpiero -...