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  1. kistos

    Request pictures of our fourth jersey 1998 (Black-yellow)!!

    Hello guys! I just bought the fourth jersey of Juventus, that we wore in 1997-98. Here is a picture of it: Does anyone have any pictures of Juventus playing an official (or friendly) game with this shirt? I can't find one anywhere! It would be great for me and other bianconeros! Thank...
  2. kistos

    Iaquinta's celebration against Bulgaria

  3. kistos

    Iaquinta's celebration against Bulgaria

    Does anyone have the celebration of Vincenzo Iaquinta that goes in front of the camera in super-slow-motion when scores the second goal for Italy against Bulgaria??? :flag1:
  4. kistos

    Paolo Montero Complication!!

    Good afternoon everyone! I'd like to know if anyone of you have a complication of Paolo Montero career on Juventus! It was one of my favourite players ever! If anyone can help me find one i'd be grateful!!:flag1:
  5. kistos

    Paolo Montero Wallpaper

    Hello! Does anyone have big resolution pictures of Paolo Montero? He was one of my favourite players and i want to have a wallpaper of him in my pc! Thanks!
  6. kistos

    Juventus-Real Madrid 3-1 (2003 Champions League Semi-final 2nd Leg)

    Hello to everyone! Does anyone knows where can i find the full game of the 2nd leg of the semi-final against Real Madrid (3-1) with Italian commentary?? If someone have it it will be great to share it with everyone! Thank you all!!
  7. kistos

    2003 Pink Jersey photo!!!

    Hello. Can anyone post some pictures of our players wearing the pink jersey from season 2002-03 ??? Thank you very much guys!:)